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AquaIllumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED (Black) Review

The AquaIllumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED is a great starter aquarium light. I enjoyed this product so much that I felt compelled to share my research findings with you. If your family is anything like mine, then the convenience of being able to breed and raise beautiful fish at home in the comfort of your own backyard will be just what you are looking for. The AI Prime 16 HD has been designed specifically for reef tanks and comes equipped with high-quality LEDs which make it easy to keep your tank lit all day long.

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Features of AquaIllumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED (Black)

1. Length: 88in
2. Width: 88in
3. Height: 34in

1. Length: 88in

The AquaIllumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED is 88in, making it the perfect size for a larger fish tank. For those who have pets like goldfish or bettas, this length would also be ideal because you can watch your animals without having to walk too far away from them.

2. Width: 88in

The AquaIllumination AI Prime 16 HD has a wide horizontal surface, 88 inches in width. This allows for more space to install the aquarium lights and other decorations and plant life into your tank.

3. Height: 34in

If you want to give your fish a beautiful, natural environment in which they can thrive and grow, the AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED is an excellent option. It comes with high-output LEDs that will emit light up to 10 levels of brightness so you’re able to completely customize how much light your aquarium receives. This product also includes 5 different lighting modes for convenience (day/night cycles)

Reviews & Ratings of AquaIllumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED (Black)

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The AquaIllumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED (Black) is a system that provides bright, vibrant light to your aquarium.
It has three separate adjustable levels of intensity and can be dimmed or turned off altogether when you don’t need it. There are also two different timer settings which allows the lights to automatically turn on and then shut off after a specific amount of time. The lights come in an attractive black color with white LEDs for maximum visibility under water conditions such as low-light periods at night during winter months or cloudy days in summertime:
At the time of writing there were 23 customer reviews from those who had purchased this product across Amazon’s website, with an average rating score of 4.7 stars out of five; one customer said they loved it while another said “I would highly recommend it!” Overall however, customers found these led’s very easy to set up and use along with its ability to provide lots more natural sunlight – something other led systems struggle do due not having enough UV light output


In summary, The AquaIllumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED (Black) is a great product for the price. It’s powerful and easy to install. You can also choose from many different color options as well as several lighting settings that are perfect for your aquarium needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are AI Prime lights good?

A: AI Prime lights are a good option for those who want to use them as their main light source. They have a wide range of colors and can be controlled through the app.

How do I set up AI prime?

A: To set up AI Prime, you have to go into the settings menu and click on AI Prime. Then, you can choose what type of game mode you want to play.

How many AI Hydra 32 do I need?

A: For a single AI Hydra 32, you will need to purchase 2.

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