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Armarkat A6702 Review

These trees are a simple and elegant way to enhance your home or business with the perfect amount of plant life. The armarkat A6702 is an activity tree that comes in four different designs – one for each season. It has built-in LED lights, moving flowers, and a bird feeder which makes it fun to watch birds visit on any day at all times during the year. For anyone looking for more greenery in their lives, these plants provide just what you need!

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Features of Armarkat A6702

1. Sturdy Sisal Wrap
2. Large Condo and Perches
3. Easy Assembly with Tools and Instruction

1. Sturdy Sisal Wrap

The Armarkat A6702 sisal wrap is not only incredibly sturdy, but it’s also reversible. For twice the use out of this versatile material you simply flip and turn the Sisal Wrap to get a fresh new look every time.

2. Large Condo and Perches

If you have a large dog, chances are it enjoys being able to sprawl out on the floor when napping. This is where Armarkat’s A6702 comes in handy with its 2-inch condo and perches, which can accommodate even larger dogs without difficulty. There are also plenty of other features that make this kennel a great buy for pet owners such as easy installation and quick release latches for your convenience.,

3. Easy Assembly with Tools and Instruction

The Armarkat A6702 is easy to assemble with tools and instructions. With the step-by-step guide, it’s a breeze to put together this 6 foot wide by 3 foot deep pool table without any extra work on your part. All you need are a few screws and nuts that come included in the package. The last thing you have to do is attach 2 legs just like they show in the manual!

Reviews & Ratings of Armarkat A6702

Our Rating: 4.9 Out of 5 Stars

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The Armarkat A6702 Activity Tree is a large and durable tree for your cat to climb, jump on or perch. It has two levels of climbing areas with scratching posts at the top and bottom. The tower features five hanging toys that your cats can play with, as well as a three-tiered stand which includes shelves for hiding.
I found 6 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Armarkat A6702 4.9 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
None of them mentioned any issues with this product – instead their praise was focused on its functionality in keeping kitty entertained! Customers said “It’s great”, “Very sturdy construction”, “Nice strong base so it won’t tip over when my little one pulls all 3 tiers down onto herself”
and finally: “A really good value!”


The Armarkat A6702 is a lot of fun for kids, and provides the perfect amount of exercise.

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