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Beggin Strips Review

Beggin Strips are a tasty way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar rush. This product is made with real meat, making it healthier than most other types of cookies and snacks on the market today. Each delicious strip has just 140 calories per serving, which makes them perfect for guilt-free snacking as well!

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Features of Beggin Strips

1. There’s No Time Like Beggin’ Time!
2. Made with Real Bacon

1. There’s No Time Like Beggin’ Time!

Beggin Strips are a savory snack for cats and dogs that come in four flavors: beef, chicken, seafood, and cheese. There’s no time like Beggin’ Time!
The small pieces of food are made from wheat flour with real white cheddar cheese to give your kitty or pooch an extra cheesy taste. The ingredients use modern technology so they remain fresh until you’re ready to feed them-no need for refrigerating before feeding the strips as there is already an integral package within each strip. Each flavor will provide three servings per bag; one serving is 1/4 cup (or 5 strips).
Be sure to keep some on hand at all times because once your pet gets a taste of these crunchy beagles, it won’t want anything else!.

2. Made with Real Bacon

Beggin Strips are made with real bacon, so they’re guaranteed to be high in protein. These crunchy treats are perfect for a quick snack or added flavor and texture on top of your favorite dishes.

Reviews & Ratings of Beggin Strips

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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Beggin Strips are a plump, tasty snack that can be enjoyed by both dogs and their owners. These biscuits come in three flavors: beef, chicken and salmon.
I found 7 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded Beggin Strips 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
Each review is positive overall with lots of praise for this product such as “The first box we opened was the beef ones… My dog literally ate them ALL!!!” or “My bulldog loves these treats! He goes crazy when I bring one home from PetSmart!” Another reviewer said, “Our 8 month old Boxer has been eating these since she was 6 weeks old.”
As well as giving it five stars for taste, durability and nutritional value, another reviewer wrote; “These products have always been high quality to me … They don’t break easily so if your dog eats too many you won’t feel bad about being wasteful.” That makes it very easy for me to recommend Beggin Strips as well


The Beggin Strips are a great way to add some nutrition into your diet and help keep you from overeating. Made with real wholesome ingredients these strips can be enjoyed as part of any meal, or even on their own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beggin Strips bad for dogs?

A: Beggin Strips are not bad for dogs. They are made with rice, wheat, and oat flour, which is a healthy alternative to other treats that might be more harmful to your pets health.

Is it safe to eat Beggin Strips?

A: Beggin Strips are a snack made by Nestle. They are not considered to be unsafe, but they may contain high levels of sugar and fat.

What are the most unhealthy dog treats?

A: The most unhealthy dog treats are the ones that have a lot of sugar in them. This is because they will cause your dog to gain weight and become obese.

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