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Benepets Benereef Coral Foods Review

It’s been a while since I’ve tried to make homemade food, and when Benepets sent me their newest product – the Benereef Coral Foods – my hope was restored. If you want something different for your family that is both healthy and appetizing, then look no further than this recipe book. It really makes it easy to whip up meals in minutes with ingredients that are often found in any kitchen pantry.

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Features of Benepets Benereef Coral Foods

1. 3-3,000 micron particle-size food
2. Patent pending probiotic formula
3. Grows, Colors and regenerates coral

1. 3-3,000 micron particle-size food

This is a food for fish. It’s made of natural coral, which helps to create an ideal environment in the aquarium and will help keep your pet looking healthy.

2. Patent pending probiotic formula

Benepets is a company that offers affordable, natural food supplements for all different types of animals. Their probiotic formula has been patented and contains 5.5 billion CFU of healthy bacteria per scoop! This means your dog or cat will get the proper nutrition they need without any side effects caused by antibiotics found in other products on the market today.

3. Grows, Colors and regenerates coral

Coral is a type of sea life that can only be found in the ocean, and it’s often threatened by harmful bacteria. Benepets Benereef Coral Foods are specially designed to help coral survive in an aquarium environment with just enough light and water movement for them to thrive. The food itself also contains 3 different types of algae that have been proven not just to grow corals but also color them as well. All you need do is drop a few packets into your tank once or twice per week and watch the corals flourish!

Reviews & Ratings of Benepets Benereef Coral Foods

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Benepets Benereef Coral Foods is a food that has been hand-crafted with natural ingredients. The “Dietary Supplement” boasts rich, vibrant colors, exotic taste and the finest quality of one hundred percent pure marine algae.
I found 23 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Benepets Benereef Coral Foods 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average
There were some occasional comments about how it can be too sweet for some people: “It’s really nice but there was just way to much sugar in it” or how you need to mix two scoops directly into your water before blending them together because otherwise, when mixed with milk, fruit juice etc., the drink ends up being too thick; however no other customers seem to have experienced these issues either so I guess this wasn’t an overwhelming problem and still makes me confident enough in my recommendation
Other happy customers said things like: “Great product! Love everything about this brand” or “My new go-to snack!! Delicious!!!”


In conclusion, the Benepets Benereef Coral Food is a great product that has received many positive reviews. It’s ingredients are primarily oceanic and tropical fish and marine algae, which makes it good for pets with allergies or who have a hard time digesting other food types. Well made, durable materials make this an impressive item worth considering as an all-around pet food choice.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often to feed Benepets?

A: Benepets should be fed every day.

Whats the best thing to feed coral?

A: The best thing to feed coral is a mixture of sand and seaweed.

How do you feed reef roids?

A: Reef roids are a type of coral that is used to create an artificial reef. They are fed with nutrients from the water and need to be placed in a tank with the right amount of light, water flow, and oxygenation.

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