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If you own a cat then you know they need to be entertained every day, which can often prove difficult in busy households. Cats have instinctive hunting instincts and love climbing trees, so why not give them the luxury of having their favorite pastime right at home? The BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo is an activity tree that comes with multiple levels for your kitty to explore – even when there isn’t much time left on the clock!

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Features of BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

1. Roomy and Enjoyable
2. Sturdy and Stable
3. Quality Plush Covering
4. Easy to Assemble

1. Roomy and Enjoyable

A cat tree is a great way to provide your cats with a place they can call home, and the BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo offers plenty of room for all three or four of your kitties. The stairs are wide enough that even large cats won’t have any issues going up and down them, so you’ll be able to watch them play in comfort from the top level.

2. Sturdy and Stable

The BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo is a very sturdy and stable cat tree, with the benefit of being easy to assemble. The spacious base provides plenty of room for playtime, so your kitty will have ample space in which to explore their new home. Furthermore, there are no sharp edges or ladders that might cause injury if your cat decides it’s time for some mischief

3. Quality Plush Covering

You can be sure that your cat will love this new BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo because it is made with premium quality plush covering and the best of materials. The sturdy construction means you won’t have to worry about your cats scratching their claws on metal or plastic, and there’s enough room for all nine of them!

4. Easy to Assemble

If you are buying a cat tree for your new pet, it will go through quite the ordeal to be assembled. Some of these towers require over 40 steps and take up hours upon hours of assembly time. The Bewishome Cat Tree Condo is not one that would require this much work. It can easily assemble in just minutes with no tools needed! This tower has been designed with rotating posts so cats have plenty of places to climb around on top or jump off at any given point without having to worry about them falling down the side or even out from under the frame all together. They also come as two separate pieces that simply snap into each other making transport extremely easy when moving between houses, apartments, etc., which makes their features both desirable and practical!.

Reviews & Ratings of BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo is a multi-functional and multifunctional item that will make it easier for your kitty to climb, relax, play or just watch the world go by while they live in luxury. The space saving design of this condominium means you can place it almost anywhere so long as there’s enough floor space available.

I found 88 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average., with 78 percent giving it five stars!

There were some niggling points raised—one buyer said “this tree was way too big for my tiny apartment” but everyone else seemed happy overall which makes me confident recommending this cat tree condo unit as well!.


BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo is a great basic, sturdy and affordable activity tree for your home. It’s almost generic looking but it will still provide hours of entertainment for all the cats in your life, especially with its three levels and an enclosed bottom level.

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