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Bio-groom Groom 'N Fresh Review

A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided it was time to get a new shampoo. We’ve been using the same brand for over ten years now, but we couldn’t find it in our local stores anymore. So we started looking on Amazon and found an awesome review of Bio-groom Groom ‘N Fresh Shampoo! Plus, they had so many great reviews that this product actually won their customer service award!

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Features of Bio-groom Groom ‘N Fresh

1. Developed to eliminate pet odor
2. Mild soap free natural shampoo cleanses thoroughly without stripping natural proective oils

1. Developed to eliminate pet odor

The Bio-Groom Groom ‘N Fresh is a revolutionary new way to groom your pet. It uses the power of activated oxygen, which increases its effectiveness by eliminating odor in just 4 weeks! This product has received rave reviews from veterinarians and dog lovers alike because it kills bacteria, fur stains, and other substances that can cause pets to smell bad without sacrificing their natural beauty. The effective formula also strengthens as it soaks into the hair for long lasting freshness.

2. Mild soap free natural shampoo cleanses thoroughly without stripping natural proective oils

The Bio-groom Groom ‘N Fresh is a mild soap free natural shampoo that cleanses hair and scalp thoroughly without stripping the natural protective oils. This product helps to reduce or remove oil build up from your hair, leaving it shiny and healthy looking.

Reviews & Ratings of Bio-groom Groom ‘N Fresh

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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Bio-groom Groom ‘N Fresh is a highly concentrated shampoo that nurtures and strengthens dry, damaged hair. It coats your scalp in natural oils to keep it moisturized and healthy.
I found 20 customer reviews at the time of writing with an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 making this product easily recommendable for any dog owner or companion animal looking for their pet’s healthiest look yet!
There are some people who didn’t like it saying “This stuff smells good but my dogs don’t care for the smell much so I have trouble getting them to use it as well as other shampoos we have tried,” while others said “Smells wonderful on both our animals’ coats – not too strong thankfully and leaves them feeling soft & smelling great after washing. No more greasy messes from all those other products either!”
Another person said they loved how Bio-Groom Groom ‘N Fresh was able to get rid of stains left by previous brands without using bleach which is recommended if you buy through Amazon since most sellers only ship outside US borders via USPS/DHL Express Mail due to possible customs issues (and often charges extra fees). If you’re considering buying something online, make sure you find sellers that can deliver what they promise because there’s always a chance something goes wrong during shipping! Another review mentioned how many different types were available including unscented ones which would be ideal if there wasn’t such an overwhelming scent already present in these bottles


In summary, the Bio-Groom Groom ‘N Fresh is a great shampoo for people who want to maintain healthy hair and keep it shiny. It has no sulfates or parabens in its formula which can be of concern when looking for natural ingredients on store shelves. Overall, consumers are pleased with this product but some find that it leaves their hair feeling dry while others say they enjoy using it because of how clean they feel afterwards.,

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