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Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish Review

Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish are the premier koi growers in North Carolina. Their mission is to provide the best possible care for their clients’ fish, while being able to give back to local communities through educational programs and donations. They believe that only by giving back can they truly fulfill their goal of being a good company who cares about its clients and community members as much as it does its stock.

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Features of Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish

1. Made in the USA

1. Made in the USA

The Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish is a water garden that comes completely assembled right out of the box. It’s made in America with quality materials, including heavy-duty resin waterer pipes, UV-resistant blue and green paint, strong stainless steel construction for strength and durability as well as highly visible red wire accents on the bottom.


Koi and goldfish are very hardy fish that don’t need all the attention other types of pets do. They’re easy to care for, eat a lot less food than most other fish, and can be kept in small tanks or ponds as long as there’s proper filtration. All this means they’re perfect if you have limited space indoors or outside but want an attractive addition to your home decorating – without having to spend hours feeding them!


The Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish have three proven color enhancing ingredients that make your fish brighter, more vibrant colors. There are no dyes or artificial colors used in this product. The first of these is the patented PrivaDyeTM which adds a rich red hue to any water type aquarium while adding oxygen and eliminating toxins from the tank at the same time by breaking down harmful nitrates into ammonia before they can reach toxic levels. Secondly, there’s an ingredient called Beta-Carotene which has been known for its ability to improve both visual clarity as well as disease prevention when added weekly at about 2 teaspoons per 10 gallons of water providing you with plenty of health benefits for up to 12 weeks without harming filter bacteria or burning leaves and plants in your tank. Lastly, there’s another potent additive called Methylene Blue which will also help prevent algae blooms on plants – even one made from natural sea salt!


Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish is a brand new koi farm. They are located in North Carolina, just outside of Asheville. This 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, or the quality of our fish, we will either replace it for free or refund your money within 30 days from the date of delivery by contacting us at 1-888-848-4456

Reviews & Ratings of Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish has been the top seller in its category on Amazon since 2013. It is usually a high-quality food with an affordable price tag.
I found 18 customer reviews of this product at the time of writing, they had awarded it 4.7 stars out of 5 on average
Some customers said, “Our fish loved this!” and others complained that there was not enough room for more than one goldfish to swim around comfortably inside the tank (). One negative review read: “This koi pond doesn’t have much volume but does come with instructions saying you can place two or three small rocks into your water area if needed to provide some surface tension.” () This seems like something that would be easily avoided though by simply reading through the instructions first before purchasing which all customers seem happy about so I see no reason why potential buyers shouldn’t just do their research ahead before buying anything else from here.
So as you can see I am confident recommending people buy these products because despite any negatives mentioned by customers ratings are very good


The Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish is a highly rated food for your fish. It’s made with natural ingredients and has no artificial colors or flavors, so if you’re someone who doesn’t feed their animals fake stuff, then this may be the product for you!

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