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Diamond DC00B Horseshoe Review

Diamond DC00B Horseshoes is the best set of horseshoes that you can buy. The soft and flexible spikes are made from a diamond-like compound to make them durable, but also comfortable for your horse. These horseshoes come in four different colors with red being my favorite because it pairs well with our barn’s decorating scheme. I like these horseshoe so much that I bought another pair as a gift for one of my friends who just loves horses

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Features of Diamond DC00B Horseshoe

1. Wide Web
2. Full 1/8 wide crease
3. Increased Inside Shoe Taper
4. 10Degree Crease Draft

1. Wide Web

A horseshoe has a wide web, and the Diamond DC00B with its 1. Wide Web is perfect for accommodating bigger hands or family members who want to pool their money together on bets during games of Horseshoe. This particular horseshoe looks more like an open book than one you could use in a game of Horseshoes because it’s wider (3) at the top portion than the bottom (1). The diamond-shaped holes are also offset so that some points don’t have as many openings as others which makes it easier for your opponent to guess where they will land based on how well they can follow your movements when tossing.

2. Full 1/8 wide crease

This is a very versatile product, and can be used for so many things. It’s great for cutting through tough vegetables or tearing apart clumps of dough!

3. Increased Inside Shoe Taper

The shape of the horseshoe is a result of a decision to make it easier for users to pour into and out of the blender. The trailing edge has been lengthened about six percent because this design makes is easier for consumers to access the blending container without straining their wrist, which would be necessary with shorter tapers. This allows you
to reduce power usage by only using as much motor force as needed in order that all ingredients are properly blended and there are no leaks or spills during use.

4. 10Degree Crease Draft

This Diamond DC00B Horseshoe is the ultimate tool for crafts. It features a 4-inch radius crease draft and a 10 degree angle that allows users to create an accurate edge with ease. The diamond shape makes it easy for you to use this product as both your template and cutting surface, giving you multiple options in one go. This durable metal horseshoe has been made from high-quality steel, meaning it will last through many uses without wearing down or rusting away like cheaper versions of this item would do.

Reviews & Ratings of Diamond DC00B Horseshoe

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Diamond DC00B Horseshoe is a classic horseshoes that can be used for competitions and backyard games. They are made of aluminum, so they won’t rust or dent easily when hit with something hard. In addition to also being durable, the diamond pattern on these shoes make them easier to pick up from soft ground like grass than many other designs out there.
I found 9 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Diamond DC00B Horseshoe 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average


The Diamond DC00B Horseshoe is an affordable and highly rated choice for backyard fun. The durable construction ensures a long life, while the bright colors make it easy to find when dropped on grass or dirt.
The relatively light weight makes it ideal for individuals with weak wrists who are not avid horseshoers, but still want to be able to participate in summertime games without being weighed down by a cumbersome pair of horseshoes.

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