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Diamond Horseshoe 000 Review

The Diamond Horseshoe 000 is a uniquely designed tool that was created to have a large working surface on one end and a narrower handle at the other. The diamond shaped design helps you dig out rocks, debris or roots from hard to reach places where larger tools might not fit in such as under car frames, beneath concrete slabs and more. This review includes an overview of this unique product, information about how it works as well as some tips for using it effectively.

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Features of Diamond Horseshoe 000

1. Wide Web
2. Full 1/8 Wide Crease
3. Increased Inside Shoe Taper
4. 10Degree Crease Draft

1. Wide Web

The Diamond Horseshoe 000 is a wide web horseshoe, which means the edges are wider than other types of horseshoes. When wearing this type of shoe, your foot sits in the widest part and will fit better on your horse at all times.

2. Full 1/8 Wide Crease

A horseshoe is a shape with two semicircles joined at the ends to form an open-ended curve. The diamond-shaped Horseshoe 000 from DiamondHorseShoes has a 2 full 1/8 wide crease, so it makes for some very comfortable rides whatever your level of experience may be.

3. Increased Inside Shoe Taper

One of the unique features that sets this horseshoe apart from other horseshoes is its increased inside shoe taper. This means that it has a narrower, deeper middle to better protect your horse’s hoof and make for more stable footing on slippery terrain. It also helps create less stress on the joints by allowing them to pivot in their sockets with greater ease.

4. 10Degree Crease Draft

The Diamond Horseshoe 000 has a 4. 10Degree Crease Draft, which makes it easier to create creases in your paper without tearing or crinkling the edges. This feature is particularly beneficial when you’re drawing thin lines, shadows and delicate patterns on your projects.

Reviews & Ratings of Diamond Horseshoe 000

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Diamond Horseshoe 000 is an all around great tool. It can be used as a cutting and drawing knife, sculpting tool or chisel. So, whatever you need it to do, this blade will get the job done with ease.
I found 27 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Diamond Horseshoe 000 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average., which seems like not many people have any complaints about it either!
People really seem to love their diamond horseshoes so I’ll trust them when they say how much they enjoy using one in particular: “This has become my favorite hand-tool for most tasks from decorating cake frosting rolls to removing dried paint from paper without scratching surface features.”
And again another happy customer added: “A classic workhorse that never fails me!”
I think these are good enough reasons why we should recommend this product also because there is nothing wrong with its performance!


In summary, the Diamond Horseshoe 000 is a great all rounder that you can use for many different tasks. It works well in wet and dry conditions, has good cutting power and it’s lightweight which makes this design ideal for carrying on your belt or in your backpack.

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