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Dried Mealworms Review

Dried mealworms are considered to be a healthy snack that has no calories, is gluten-free and contains protein. They can be purchased in bulk from local grocery stores or online retailers like Amazon for around $5 per pound.
I decided to try out the dried mealworm by buying 10 pounds of them on Amazon so I could see what they tasted like. This review will detail my first impressions as well as my thoughts about whether it’s worth paying $5/pound for these worms

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Features of Dried Mealworms

1. High in Protein
2. Premium Quality & Value
3. Easy to Store
4. Boosts Immune System
5. 100% Satisfaction

1. High in Protein

High in protein, dried mealworms are a good food source for all types of animals. They can be fed as snacks or part of their diet either freshly eaten straight from the bag or scattered on top to provide an extra flavor boost and texture. With a dry weight at 2-3% moisture content and 25 calories per gram, they offer a rich source of protein without any fat. Plus, these worms have been freeze-dried so there is no water left behind which means that your animal will eat them faster than you can believe it!.

2. Premium Quality & Value

Dried mealworms are a great source of protein, and they’re also incredibly affordable. They go for as little as $0.22 per 100-gram bag in many places online, making them an amazing value for their nutritional content. Dried mealworms are very high quality and have no additives or preservatives to make you question the quality like some other products might

3. Easy to Store

Mealworms are an excellent source of protein, and they’re also a great option for anyone who wants to start their own pet. They can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer until you’re ready to use them, but if they get too dry it’s easy enough just add some water and shake them up before adding back into the jar.

4. Boosts Immune System

Mealworms are a great source of protein, which is vital for healthy functioning. They also contain the trace mineral selenium, which helps with immune function and mood regulation. Additionally, they can be incorporated into meal plans as an easy way to provide extra protein without any additional effort or expense.

5. 100% Satisfaction

Dried Mealworms are a great source of protein and can be used in many different recipes. They come in packs of 100 and their bright, shiny color makes them easy to find when they’re scattered across your kitchen counter.

Reviews & Ratings of Dried Mealworms

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The Dried Mealworms are an excellent source of protein for all animals and a great way to introduce new food sources. The mealworm diet is also very palatable, which makes them easy to feed as well.
At the time of writing, there were 21 customer reviews on Amazon with 84% giving it 5 stars out of five possible stars! That’s quite impressive given that this is only one product in one category among thousands.
People seem happy enough with these dried mealworms at least from what I can tell from reading their reviews- “If you want some good ol’ fashioned snacking without any processed garbage like hotdogs or jerky then try these worms” and “I recommend 100%. These are really tasty but don’t get eaten too quick when your dog gets hungry.” It seems like they’re worth a shot as long as you don’t mind feeding them to your pets instead!.


Dried mealworms are crunchy, easily digestible and packed with protein. They’re also a great low-budget food for reptiles or guinea pigs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dried mealworms any good?

A: Dried mealworms are not a good food source for your pet. Mealworms should always be soaked in water before feeding them to your pet.

Are dried mealworms as good as live?

A: Dried mealworms are not as good as live mealworms. They have a shorter shelf life and are more difficult to digest.

Are dried mealworms bad?

A: No, they are not bad. Mealworms are a great source of protein and can be eaten raw or cooked.

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