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Exo Terra Screen Cover Review

The Exo Terra Screen Cover is a great accessory for anyone who has an indoor or outdoor enclosure for their pet. This screen cover is made of durable mesh, which allows your pet to have full access to the air and light inside the cage but still keeps them safe from predators. The first time I purchased this product was in order to protect my own pets while they were outside in their pen during inclement weather. It did a fantastic job at keeping out cold drafts, rain or snow that would otherwise be blown into our house as well as curious wildlife like raccoons and birds waiting patiently nearby hoping for one of my critters to make short work of it!

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Features of Exo Terra Screen Cover

1. Hinged Screen Cover
2. Easy to Install
3. Maximum UV Penetration

1. Hinged Screen Cover

An Exo Terra screen cover is a lightweight, open-hinged cover that can be used to provide protection from the elements. It has been designed so it can conveniently and securely fit into any terrarium on your armadillo or reptile.

2. Easy to Install

This easy to install screen cover is an essential part of any terrarium. It helps maintain the health and beauty of your plant life, as well as helping you enjoy it more. The Exo Terra Screen Cover fits nicely over the opening in front of most glass or plastic enclosures, providing a home for beneficial insects like water bugs and spiders that help keep your ecosystem healthy. You can also place this under plants that require extra humidity like Angler’s Mouths or Anubias Nana varieties

3. Maximum UV Penetration

The Exo Terra Screen Cover has been specifically designed for use with reptile tanks and terrariums. The 3 uses the maximum UV penetration to allow your reptiles natural day-night cycle, while also providing 100% protection from harmful rays that can cause eye damage in reptiles. It is made of a high quality wire mesh, which allows you to view through the screen without disturbing your feathered friends at all once it’s installed on your tank or enclosure

Reviews & Ratings of Exo Terra Screen Cover

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Exo Terra Screen Cover is a four-sided screen cover made of high quality materials that comes in three different sizes. It has been designed specifically to fit screens up to 4″x4″. The top layer is made of impact resistant tempered glass and the outer material is silicone, making it very durable and easy to clean.
Unlike with standard screen covers, this one doesn’t require any adhesive or other sticky substances for installation because its edges are specially molded into the structure of the frame. This makes it much easier to install without wasting time on complicated installations that can be difficult unless you’re an expert at such things.
This product received 240 reviews as I write this article with well over half giving five stars out of a possible 5 so customers have found tremendous success from owning their own Exo Terra Terrarium Covers! Customers either love how convenient they make cleaning their plants hampers by not needing glue and being able to remove them easily or enjoy having a larger viewing area when watching insects fly around inside their terrariums!
As always, take your time inspecting products before purchasing anything online but if you do decide that this particular item looks like something worth buying then go for it!.


The Exo Terra Screen Cover is a durable and attractive product that will ensure your terrarium stays secure on the screen.

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