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Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Bulb, 80W Review

As a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to regular light bulbs, I love the Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Bulb. It is much better for your plants as well because it does not emit heat that could harm them like many standard light bulbs do. The bulb has an 80W output which can be bright enough for most indoor growing spaces without being too harsh on plant leaves either.,

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Features of Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Bulb, 80W

1. UVB, UVA, Visual Light and Heat
2. One Bulb!
3. Increased UVB Penetration Distance

1. UVB, UVA, Visual Light and Heat

This bulb emits the right amount of UVB, UVA and visual light to keep your reptile or amphibian healthy. It also has a low heat output so it won’t cause damage to your pet’s eyesight while still providing some warmth during colder months.

2. One Bulb!

If you’re looking for a single light source that yields the perfect combination of natural, warm daylight and soft white illumination, this is it. With an 80-watt output and no heat, it also uses significantly less power than other fluorescent bulbs on the market. This bulb emits only 8 watts of energy to produce over 200 lumens from its 6500K spectrum (the same as natural sunlight), so there are no harsh shadows or bright whites in your habitat. Plus with 14 hours per day of continuous use capability, these lights will be sure to provide comfortable ambient light while still lasting upwards of 5 years!

3. Increased UVB Penetration Distance

This bulb produces a high level of UVB radiation that is used in the natural environmental cycle to stimulate and improve plant growth, as well as regulate their development. It also provides an ideal environment for reptiles and amphibians by emitting 95% less mercury than traditional fluorescent bulbs.

Reviews & Ratings of Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Bulb, 80W

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Bulb is a pretty nifty lamp, but it’s not going to be your only source of light. If you want one that will provide the whole room with enough light for night time reading or just wants brightening up those dark corners then this isn’t the right bulb for you.
I found 23 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Bulb 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
One Amazon reviewer said, “This has been my first purchase from an online store so I was sorta hesitant about how well it would work; but like anything else when in doubt ask around!” The other reviewers were more enthusiastic: “It works great!” -“Awesome product!”, “Excelent quality”, “Exactly what I needed,” and finally, “Every indoor pet owner should own”. It seems as though no one experienced any problems with reliability or failures during use which makes me confident in recommending this as well


This is a high-quality, low-cost heat lamp that operates with both infrared and ultraviolet light.
When it’s placed in the sun, you can expect to get up to 10 hours of continuous use per day out of this bulb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Exo Terra bulbs last?

A: Exo Terra bulbs last anywhere from 6-12 months.

How often to replace Exo Terra Solar Glo?

A: The light should last for a long time, but if its not working properly, you can replace the bulb.

How much UVB does a mercury vapor bulb produce?

A: The amount of UVB a mercury vapor bulb produces is dependent on the size of the bulb. For example, a 40 watt bulb will produce about 10% more UVB than a 60 watt bulb.

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