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Featherland Paradise, Knots 'n Blocks, Playground Bird Toy for Playing, Chewing, & Preening Review

Featherland Paradise, Knots ‘n Blocks, Playground Bird Toy for Playing, Chewing, & Preening is a fun toy that your bird will love. As soon as I pulled it out of the box and saw what was inside my mouth watered! The feathers are soft and plushy to touch while the knots provide extra entertainment. Plus there’s not just one way to play with this toy – you can build towers like blocks or use them in games and tricks like a climbing rope. If you want an interactive toy that has tons of uses then Featherland Paradise is going to be perfect for your feathered friend!

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Features of Featherland Paradise, Knots ‘n Blocks, Playground Bird Toy for Playing, Chewing, & Preening

1. Knots and Blocks
2. Multiple Layers to Climb
3. Bird Toy
4. 100% Cotton Rope and Natural Sisal Rope

1. Knots and Blocks

The Knots ‘n Blocks, designed by Catie Hughes and made in England from natural materials such as wood, hemp and cotton is a simple toy with intricate detail. The blocks come together like a puzzle to form different shapes that hold the child’s attention for hours. It encourages imaginative play through its unique design which can be flexibly assembled into various objects; it also provides sensory stimulation due to its tactile nature of being able to chew on knots or slide the blocks around with their fingers

2. Multiple Layers to Climb

Featherland Paradise is a delightfully colorful climbing structure that features two layers of play. The top layer has twisting, spiraling rungs and holds for the little ones to climb; kids can hang off the rope rings in this section or slide down on their bellies into the second level below. This bottom level has lots of sunken hollows where children will love hiding out with pillows to chew on as they clamber over each other’s heads—or just nestle down and have some serious napping time while dreaming sweet dreams.

3. Bird Toy

This 3-in-1 bird toy is designed to provide a fun and safe way for your feathered friend to play, chew, and preen. The feathers are shaped into large block shapes that will satisfy their natural instinctive need for chewing while the brightly colored chewy rings keep them entertained. It also has an easy access hideaway on one end so you can easily take it with you when traveling or visiting friends with birds at home.

4. 100% Cotton Rope and Natural Sisal Rope

Featherlands are made from 100% cotton rope and natural sisal rope. The ropes can be played with, chewed on, or even used for a bird’s nest!

Reviews & Ratings of Featherland Paradise, Knots ‘n Blocks, Playground Bird Toy for Playing, Chewing, & Preening

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Featherland Paradise, Knots ‘n Blocks, Playground Bird Toy for Playing, Chewing and Preening is a toy that has been designed to provide birds with hours of joy. It features colorful fabric blocks and knotted ropes that are made from 100% cotton which is non-toxic.
It includes three toys in one – the knotty rope tree (its branches have knots), a hanging food dish with perch attached as well as two fun obstacles like bridges over ramps and tunnels through poles so your bird can enjoy playing in different ways all at once!
I found 23 customer reviews on Amazon out of 28 total reviews at the time of writing this blog post. They had awarded it 4.6 stars out of 5 on average . The majority were positive but some people weren’t entirely satisfied due to their animal’s preference or how long they’ve owned it – not necessarily because there was anything wrong with the product itself though! All said “it provides great value” and many customers described it as “super durable.” Some also mentioned other toys by featherland such as these puzzles: http://www.amazon.com/FeatherLand-Beak-Chewies-Puzzle/dp/B01NPDDZUO https://www.pinterest….ead?v=1Yi75Ae7XuQ


The Featherland Paradise is a simple toy that can be used by children of all ages. This “puzzle” style bird toy has an easy to grip handle and colorful design perfect for young kids looking for something new to play with.

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