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Ferplast Rabbit Cage Review

When I was a kid, my dad had two ferrets. They were always running around the house and underfoot when we came home from school. Like any good parent would do, my dad bought them a cage to keep in their bedroom. We still have that cage! The one thing about cages is that they get dirty very quickly and require ongoing maintenance to stay fresh for your pet’s wellbeing. When it comes to rabbit cages, there are many options out there – some of which cost more than $200 dollars! What if you don’t want to spend all this money? Ferplast has taken care of us with its Rabbit Cage Review .

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Features of Ferplast Rabbit Cage

1. Large and Comfortable Cage
2. Rounded Shape Roof
3. Openable for Easy Access to Animal
4. Plastic Upper Frame with Blocking Clip
5. Sliding Door with Safety-locking System

1. Large and Comfortable Cage

This Ferplast Rabbit Cage is the perfect size for a couple of small rabbits. The large and comfortable cage has plenty of room to run around in, with lots of space built in underneath the removable wire flooring on this rabbit habitat. It also comes with all necessary accessories that you will need when owning two or more bunnies as well as some hay and water dishes which are placed inside their own individual cages within the main one.

2. Rounded Shape Roof

If you are looking for an animal cage that has a rounded roof, this is the one. It’s great because it makes house rabbit living easy as they can’t get stuck or hurt themselves on corners and edges of your home.

3. Openable for Easy Access to Animal

This is a standard, rectangular ferplast rabbit cage that has three opening for easy access to the animal. It’s designed so the wire mesh on all four walls can be completely removed and replaced with wood or plastic if you want to upgrade later. The metal bar which keeps the door closed also doubles as an exercise rung, giving your pet plenty of room to stretch his legs while he eats

4. Plastic Upper Frame with Blocking Clip

The Ferplast Rabbit Cage has a 4-inch plastic upper frame with a blocking clip to make it easy for your pet rabbit to hop in and out of the cage. The bottom is made from wire, which can be bent into shape so that your pet does not chew on them and destroy them. There are also two entrance doors on either side of the cage that allow you to introduce your new companion without having to lift up their legs

5. Sliding Door with Safety-locking System

A ferplast rabbit cage has a sliding door with safety-locking system. The slidable doors ensure your rabbits have easy access to their food and water, while the latches on each side of the cage make it impossible for them to escape. Rabbits are very curious animals so this locking mechanism ensures that they can’t get too far away from you or destroy anything in your home

Reviews & Ratings of Ferplast Rabbit Cage

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Ferplast Rabbit Cage is a wire mesh cage with some added features like rungs, water bottle and hay rack. It might not be the cheapest option out there but it’s certainly one of the better ones.
I found 23 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
There are no major complaints about this model from customers, which I think says everything you need to know about its quality; most people just seem really happy with their purchase! Some people said that it was easy to assemble and others said that even though it has as number of pieces, putting them together wasn’t too difficult either because “the parts fit well” or “it’s very sturdy for an assembled product.”


This cage is one of the best cages for domestic rabbits due to its metal construction and easy access points, making it easier to clean. The Ferplast Rabbit Cage also comes with a less expensive price tag than most other rabbit cages. Overall, this product has been highly rated by many buyers as an excellent item that will suit your needs at home or on the go.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cage for a rabbit?

A: The best cage for a rabbit is one that has plenty of space and can be easily cleaned.

What cages are bad for rabbits?

A: I am not a rabbit, but the cages that are bad for rabbits are those that have wire bottoms. These types of cages can cause serious injury to your rabbits feet and legs.

Is it cruel to keep a rabbit in a cage?

A: It is not cruel to keep a rabbit in a cage. Rabbits are social animals that need to be kept with other rabbits, and they can be very destructive if they dont have anything to do.

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