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FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier Review

The FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier is a perfect addition to any aquarium. I have been using one for about six months now and the quality of my fish tank has really improved. The lens on this magnifier makes it easy to see tiny specks or pieces of algae that would otherwise be difficult to spot, making scrubbing your filter easier than ever before.

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Features of FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier

1. Fish Tank Magnifying Glass
2. Magnetic Mount
3. Easy to Move
4. 5 Magnifier

1. Fish Tank Magnifying Glass

The FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier is the perfect accessory for any pet owner. With a 36-inch wide, 2x magnification lens and two LED lights that illuminate your fish tank with bright white light, this magnifying glass will let you see what’s going on in your aquarium without disturbing anything else in there. It also comes with suction cups so it won’t move while you’re trying to get an up close look at those finned friends of yours as they swim around their home.

2. Magnetic Mount

A magnetic mount is a great feature to have on any device that you want to keep in place and not move about. With this particular model, the magnet secures it in place without needing to use screws or adhesives which would damage your fish tank. This saves time and effort when setting up your new aquarium as well!

3. Easy to Move

The FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier is a small, easy to move light that clips on your tank’s glass and magnifies the entire view. This small device allows you to see fish swimming by in a whole new perspective. It comes with an adjustable stand so it fits most tanks up to 36 inches wide. The clip-on design makes for quick installation without tools required

4. 5 Magnifier

The FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier is a 4.5-inch diameter magnifying glass with two lenses that allows you to see the tiny creatures in your aquarium without the need for chemicals or filters.

Reviews & Ratings of FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier is an affordable and very useful tool to have when working with aquariums, fish tanks and other water-related projects. It helps you get a better view of the small critters in your tank while also reducing stress on both yourself and the animals.
I found 7 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average. More than half said that it was worth every penny, or even more value for money –
“This piece of equipment has paid for itself many times over already! I now have peace at home knowing my pet fish are safe from predators without having to leave their home all day long…”
It’s easy to recommend this as well because not only does it help make caring for your pets easier but keeping them healthy too


The FL!PPER DeepSee Aquarium Magnifier is a tool for the hobbyist that wants to see their fish better. This product has many positive reviews, with users praising its durability and effectiveness in removing algae from aquariums. The only downside most buyers point out is that it can be difficult to clean after use, but this problem could possibly be solved by simply rinsing off the lens filter at the bottom of the device before storage.,

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