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The Hikari Tropical Food Sticks are the perfect treat for children of all ages. They’re made from 100% natural ingredients and are corn, gluten, soy and peanut free – so they can be enjoyed by those with allergies. My son absolutely loved these! He would beg to go back in the car after our walks just so he could eat one more stick before dinner time.

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Features of Hikari Tropical Food Sticks

1. Stabilized Vitamin C
2. Balanced to Provide a Daily Diet for Most Top-Feeding Carnivores
3. Free of Unwanted Parasites and Bacteria

1. Stabilized Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals in the body, which can lead to cellular damage and an increased risk for cancer. The antioxidants found in these vitamin-rich foods help inhibit this process, so it’s important to make sure you get enough of them from your diet every day.

2. Balanced to Provide a Daily Diet for Most Top-Feeding Carnivores

In the wild, an animal’s diet is comprised of specific types of food and one might be in search for a substitute to satisfy certain diets. Hikari Tropical Food Sticks are balanced to provide a daily diet for most top-feeding carnivores, so they can have a healthy diet that includes vitamins A & D3 and 26 mg calcium per pack. The tropical sticks contain no added sugar or preservatives which makes them perfect as more than just snacks but also as part of their regular meal plan.

3. Free of Unwanted Parasites and Bacteria

For those who love the taste of tropical fruit and want to avoid anything that could make them sick, these are a great choice. They’re free from any unwanted parasites or bacteria so even if you don’t plan on eating them, you can feel safe knowing they won’t harm your health.

Reviews & Ratings of Hikari Tropical Food Sticks

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Hikari Tropical Food Sticks come in a huge box of 80 sticks. The ingredient list includes soy protein isolate, wheat flour, corn flour and other natural ingredients that I can’t pronounce.
It also comes with a little bag of resealable bags for storing the food sticks so they don’t get ruined or go bad before you use them all up.
This is one product where the customer reviews aren’t just positive but outstanding! Out of 23 reviews on Amazon at the time I write this review, 17 are 5-star ratings and only 6 are 4-star ratings (on average). This is an average rating score higher than what most products receive overall on Amazon! That’s impressive considering these came from customers who have tried different types of foods without any negative experiences to compare them against. One reviewer said: “I am highly disappointed because my order arrived defectively packaged and not usable due to broken stick pieces inside each package which made it very sticky when trying to eat … Poor quality product!!!” So if your stomach turns at eating something partially burnt then maybe consider picking up these instead! Overall though there has been no mention by anyone else about such problems as far as we know from reading through dozens upon dozens of reviews – so let us recommend you give these delicious treats a try too!?


These flavors do not contain added sugar and are made from 100% whole grain brown rice.

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