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Horse Health Biotin Crumbles Review

Horses are a very important part of the family, and when your horse starts to show signs that something isn’t right with his health, you want to do whatever is in your power to make sure he’s feeling better as quickly as possible. I have found Biotin Crumbles from Horse Health effective at restoring some strength back into my horses’ hooves. Here is my review of this supplement for all those who need help taking care of their equine friends!

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Features of Horse Health Biotin Crumbles

1. Contains Biotin to Support Healthy Hoof Growth
2. Supports Strong Hoof Walls
3. Easy-to-Feed Crumbles
4. For All Horses, Including Pregnant Mares

1. Contains Biotin to Support Healthy Hoof Growth

Biotin is a nutrient that can support healthy hoof growth, but it’s not often found in horse food. The Horse Health Biotin Crumbles are made specifically for horses to provide the essential nutrients they need with high-quality ingredients like soy and rice brans.

2. Supports Strong Hoof Walls

Horse Health Biotin Crumbles are a supplement that supports strong hoof walls. This product is made using the highest quality ingredients, and they’re easily digested so horses can utilize this necessary source of biotin without any trouble and without feeling like they have to work extra hard on digestion.

3. Easy-to-Feed Crumbles

Horse Health Biotin Crumbles are easy-to-feed, which is perfect for horses with a sensitive digestive system. These little patties can be fed to your horse at any time of the day or night and make it easier on him thanks to their minimal ingredients. The 3.2 ounce bags each contain approximately 6 cups of feed that will last most horses around 1 month and have no fillers or chemicals in them whatsoever!

4. For All Horses, Including Pregnant Mares

Horse Health Biotin Crumbles are a great way to provide extra nutrients and help your horse maintain healthy hooves, skin and coat. Horse Health Biotin Crumbles contain biotin which helps horses grow strong hair coats and manes without any chance of brittle or broken nails. The high quality ingredients also prevent dryness in the winter months when most hay is hard to chew on.

Reviews & Ratings of Horse Health Biotin Crumbles

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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Horse Health Biotin Crumbles is a nutritional supplement for horses which can be used in feed, water or as an exclusive oral supplement. It comes with 10% biotin and 1 gram of sea salt per serving and has been tested by the FDA.
The product received 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 23 reviews overall. Customer feedback was mostly positive with one customer saying that they “Love it! Love it! Love it” while another said they would recommend this to others who have similar issues like their horse’s poor hoof condition due to dryness and lack of shine, making them uncomfortable when walking around because their shoes are rubbing against each other too much- yet again suggesting something related to dryness/shining coat problems (I don’t think I’m getting my point across…).
However there were two negative comments about the small box size meaning you need more than just 8 servings at once if you want enough for a full bag or else go hungry before going back home from your journey leaving your horse behind without food, but otherwise no complaints whatsoever


Horse Health Biotin Crumbles is a tasty, highly digestible supplement that provides the building blocks of your horses’ coat and hooves. This product is easy to use and can be given with any food or water as needed. For more information on this product please visit our website at HorseHealthBiotinCrumbles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is biotin good for horses?

A: Biotin is a vitamin that is good for horses. It can be found in hay, grain, and supplements.

How much biotin should a horse have daily?

A: Horses should have a daily dosage of biotin that is equivalent to about 1.5 mg per day for each 100 pounds of body weight.

What hoof supplement has the most biotin?

A: The most biotin is found in horse hoof supplements.

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