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iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad Review

The iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad is a fantastic product that I’ve been able to use on several different animals in my house. It has helped me keep the temperature at just the right levels, and it heats up quickly. All of these features make it perfect for anyone who loves their reptile or amphibian but wants them to stay healthy and happy while they’re still small enough not to have access to higher temperatures like an adult would need.

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Features of iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad

1. Heat Mat
2. Digital Thermostat
3. PTC Heating Material and Insulation
4. 8×18 Size
5. 3M Adhesive Paper for Grip
6. 120V / 60Hz

1. Heat Mat

This heating pad for reptiles has a single cord and no switches or temperature controls. It is designed to warm up quickly, in just 3-5 minutes, so your reptile will be comfortable after they have been outside during the day.

2. Digital Thermostat

A reptile heating pad is a must for any prospective pet owner who wants to keep their little one happy. It’s essential that you get the right type of heating pad for your particular needs, and the iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad from Cuisinart is just perfect. This amazing device features an instant digital thermostat so it always maintains its temperature in accordance with what your terrarium or vivarium calls for. The controls are also easy to use, setting up on standby mode when not in use and automatically turning off once everything has cooled down again.,

3. PTC Heating Material and Insulation

If you’re going to buy a heating pad for your reptile, make sure it has PTC heating material and insulation. The iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad is made from durable heat resistant materials that ensure the safe use of any reptilian pet.

4. 8×18 Size

The iPower terrarium heating pad is a must-have for anyone who keeps reptiles as pets. The 4. 8×18 size provides plenty of room to wrap your pet’s body in this soft, safe and effective way. Not only that, but the heat produced by the two ceramic rods are adjustable on a timer so you can set them however long or short you please from 26 minutes up to 12 hours! With such versatility and customization, it would be hard not to find something else worth investing in with this quality product

5. 3M Adhesive Paper for Grip

A terrarium is a great way to try and keep your reptile happy, as well as safe. Some people find it hard to hold on to the heated pad because of its delicate nature. The 3M adhesive paper for grip has been designed with this in mind, so you don’t have any extra work when trying to attach it securely. It’s easy-to-use and clean too which makes maintenance much easier

6. 120V / 60Hz

For reptiles like snakes, lizards and turtles to be kept comfortably at home in winter.

Reviews & Ratings of iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad is not only beneficial to your reptile, it also helps you by keeping the air in your terrarium at a perfect temperature.
I found 16 customer reviews on Amazon and they had given the product 4.5 stars out of five on average. There were some niggling points raised as well: “It’s been over two weeks since I received this heater; my snake has hardly used it” and “If he doesn’t use it, I will be returning this within just days”
However, customers seem mostly satisfied with their purchase as one said, “This item works very well for what we needed.”


In summary, the iPower Terrarium Reptile Heating Pad can handle most tasks you throw at it and is a highly rated product. Well made and easy to use, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend these mats to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do reptile heating pads use a lot of electricity?

A: The amount of electricity used by a heating pad is dependent on the size and type of the heating pad. For example, if you have a small, low wattage heating pad, it will use less electricity than a large, high wattage heating pad.

Are heat mats bad for reptiles?

A: It is not recommended to use heat mats for reptiles.

How hot does a 16 watt heat mat get?

A: A 16 watt heat mat will get up to around 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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