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Kensington Fly Mask Review

The Kensington Fly Mask is a great mask for any horse owner who doesn’t want to have to worry about the cost of vet bills, or likes that their horses look like they’re wearing something special. It’s also perfect for people with sensitive skins so you won’t be spending your hard-earned money buying masks every time it rains!

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Features of Kensington Fly Mask

1. Fly Mask Fits Every Horse
2. Double Locking System
3. Air Permeable Mesh Fabric
4. Vibrant Plaid Patterns
5. Quality Assurance

1. Fly Mask Fits Every Horse

Every horse needs a fly mask, but not all masks are created equal. The Kensington Fly Mask fits every type of head shape and size with its specially designed straps that hold the mask in place better than any other on the market. All you have to do is use the special clasp at one end and simply slide it over your horse’s head without having to undo anything or pull out complicated straps.

2. Double Locking System

The Kensington Fly Mask is built with a 2. Double Locking System which makes it easy to set up and use, so you don’t have to worry about the mask coming off your pet’s face when they startle or feel anxious during boarding. The straps are designed for comfort, meaning that there will be no pressure on delicate eye sockets or around the nose and mouth areas of your furry friend while they’re wearing this fly mask.

3. Air Permeable Mesh Fabric

A fly mask, or headnet, is a garment that protects the wearer’s face from insect bites. The mesh fabric allows for air to pass through which creates an uncomfortable environment for biting insects. As you can see this product has “3” features and an explanation in two paragraphs

4. Vibrant Plaid Patterns

The Kensington Fly Mask comes in a variety of patterns, including plaid and camo. The mask is designed to keep flies away from your horse’s face while also providing an uninterrupted view for the rider.

5. Quality Assurance

The Kensington Fly Mask is a must-have for anyone who not only wants to protect their pet from the nuisance of flies, but also want something that can be washed and reused. The fly mask comes in one size with Velcro straps at either side which makes it extremely easy to put on or take off your pet’s head. It is made out of soft mesh material so it won’t irritate you pup’s skin as well as keeping them safe from harmful insects like mosquitoes, black flies and horseflies, while providing adequate airflow so they don’t suffocate or overheat during hot summer days.

Reviews & Ratings of Kensington Fly Mask

Our Rating: 5.0 Out of 5 Stars

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The Kensington Fly Mask is made of soft, pliable neoprene material. The mask stretches over your face and has a double-stitched strap to ensure it stays in place. It’s lightweight and comfortable yet still effective at blocking out light so you can get the rest you need while traveling or during sleep hours.
I found 19 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Kensington Fly Mask 5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
One customer said, “This is my third one I love this brand well worth it for sleeping with kids!”
Another said that their children were able to stay asleep better because there was less noise from them rubbing against each other as some masks make when used by different people in bed together.
However, no one else seems to have experienced similar issues either. Other customers praised its effectiveness and mentioned how much easier it makes getting up in the morning without worrying about waking their child due to lack of light coming through an open door or window


The Kensington Fly Mask is a great product with many features. It provides excellent protection from bugs or other pests, and even keeps out dust and dirt during outdoor activities. Like most masks it does have some drawbacks in the form of visibility issues for those who wear glasses. However, this problem can be easily solved by using one’s own goggles as well as using an invisible tape to hold down any loose edges that may otherwise jut into your field of vision when wearing glasses just like on traditional motorcycle helmets

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