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Kessil A160WE Review

If you want to take your aquarium hobby up a notch, then the Kessil A160WE is the perfect piece of equipment for you. It’s easy-to-use and will provide optimal light coverage with just one watt per gallon using high pressure sodium bulbs that are both low maintenance.

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Features of Kessil A160WE

1. Kessil Logic
2. External Controllability
3. Shimmer Kessil Lights
4. Spectrum Kessil Led Chips

1. Kessil Logic

The Kessil A160WE comes with a built-in controller that makes it easy to control the lights. This is helpful because different colors of LEDs produce different sensations and moods, so you can change your light patterns on the fly. In addition, there are 16 RGBW color channels available for even more customized effects while still covering all those important lighting zones in your home or office.

2. External Controllability

The Kessil A160WE is an external controllable light. What does that mean? It means you can control it from anywhere in the world, even when your smartphone or tablet isn’t connected to Wi-Fi! You’re not limited by where you are either; the A160WE’s remote control works with infrared signals sent out of a sensor on top of the light fixture so there’s no need for line-of-sight.

3. Shimmer Kessil Lights

The Kessil A160WE features three color-changing lights that you can use to create the perfect light for your aquarium. You have a selection of red, blue, and green colors so you can choose what suits your fish best. The colored LEDs are designed to last over 15 years with no need for replacement bulbs or batteries because they’re powered by natural sunlight!

4. Spectrum Kessil Led Chips

Kessil A160WE is a 4-chips spectrum led light fixture designed by the company with more than 16 million colors. This powerful light has an impressive output that can produce up to 1600 watts of power and reach an illumination distance of 500 feet on its own, or it can be connected to another 2 Kessil LED lights for twice as much energy. Four color control modes are available: pink/red/blue (truLED), white, warm white

Reviews & Ratings of Kessil A160WE

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Kessil A160WE is a high-quality aquarium light that will give your fish and plants the amount of natural sunlight their tank needs. It has an impressive range of options for different types of tanks, including smaller ones on top as well as its own three lighting modes.
I found 37 customer reviews at the time of writing with them awarding it 4.7 stars out of 5 on average.
All but one person was completely satisfied with his purchase, while they all loved how easy this product was to use and maintain without any complex instructions or parts to worry about breaking down over time like other products can do!.
This reviewer said “Purchased this item today after looking around in my local stores only finding low quality lights…works great!”; another stated “It’s been working perfectly since day one.”; finally someone else wrote: “Excellent light but had problems with controller” which may have just been because he asked Amazon questions before buying such a delicate item himself..


Kessil is a brand name that has been around for many years and it continues to gain popularity in the marketplace. The A160WE aquarium light can be set up with ease, and produces amazing colors while also easily illuminating your tank. This particular product is highly rated among buyers who find this Kessil model powerful yet easy to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kessil lights worth it?

A: Kessil lights are a great option for any grower, but they are not worth the price tag. They have a lot of features that you might not need, and they dont last as long as other options.

How many Kessil A160WE do I need?

A: The Kessil A160WE is a powerful light that can be used in many different ways. It will take up to 6 of them to cover an area of 10 square feet, or about the size of a small room.

How many watts is Kessil A160WE?

A: Kessil A160WE is a 160 watt aquarium light.

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