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L'Avian Plus Review

L’Avian is a company that has been around for many years. They are not like other companies where they stay the same and just make new products over and over again. With L’Avian, you will get something totally different every time you place an order with them – in fact, there should be no limit to what kind of product you can order! I was impressed by their wide variety of items as well as how affordable they were so I decided it might be worth my while to try ordering from them once more..

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Features of L’Avian Plus

1. Flex Heads
2. Floating Heads
3. 4-Directional Head Adjustment
4. 40 Minutes of Cordless Shaving

1. Flex Heads

The L’Avian Plus features a 1-litre capacity and flex heads that automatically adjust to the shape of your blending container.

2. Floating Heads

The L’Avian Plus is an all-in-one bird bath that includes a suction base, sprinkling features and removable water bowl. The two floating heads are precisely angled to keep the surface of the water clean by constantly filtering it as they spin around. As birds drink from one head while bathing in another, this feature helps to prevent bacteria build up on the surrounding area not just because of how it’s dispensed but also because its spinning action filters out any harmful particles before they reach your pet’s mouth.

3. 4-Directional Head Adjustment

This blender has three different speed settings, allowing it to be used comfortably in many situations. It also has a variable-speed pulse function and an extra wide jar that can hold up to 64 ounces at once.

4. 40 Minutes of Cordless Shaving

The L’Avian Plus uses a unique motor that only operates when you are shaving. This means there is no power wasted, which significantly cuts down on the cost of your electric bill over time. It also takes about 40 minutes to recharge for a day’s worth of use and comes with two cutting options: wet or dry.

Reviews & Ratings of L’Avian Plus

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The L’Avian Plus is a high-quality blender that comes with multiple attachments for blending and meal prep. It also only needs to be plugged in, making it easy to use. But my favorite feature of this product is the built-in chopping blade which can shred vegetables in seconds without any hassle!


In summary, the L’Avian Plus is made of BPA-free materials with a safe and secure locking lid. It has easy to read temperature display for both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and is dishwasher safe. The aesthetics are attractive in contrast to other blenders that may not be as appealing or have more aesthetic flaws which could interfere with its functionality.

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