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Legacy2 Front Support Boots Review

I love my boots. Just like the old saying goes, it’s always good to have a spare pair of shoes on hand in case your best ones get ruined during winter but I didn’t realize how much more comfortable they would be until I bought them.
Legacy2 Front Support Boots Review
When you’re out for walk or running errands around town and need that extra protection from cold wind blowing through thin soles and hard ground, Legacy2 front support boots are perfect for any occasion! These amazing booties make walking not only safer because they offer excellent ankle support but also significantly easier with their unique air-cushioned design. They even feature an anti-slip sole so these babies stay put no matter what terrain you face while keeping your feet warm

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Features of Legacy2 Front Support Boots

1. Flexion by Legacy
2. Classic Equine 3. Splint Boots

1. Flexion by Legacy

I like to wear these boots because they are easy to put on and take off, they don’t restrict my movement at all, and I can walk in them without too much pain. They make me feel as if I am walking on air. The Legacy2 front support boots also have an adjustable elastic band that goes around the ankle of the boot which makes it easier for people with different-sized ankles or legs to get a personalized fit.

2. Classic Equine 3. Splint Boots

The Legacy2 is a classic equine boot that provides support for horses and riders. It features an orthopedic contoured design with traditional horse shoe stitching, low-profile zipper closure, and EVA cushioning in the heel cup to help reduce pressure on sensitive areas like the cannon bone. The boots are designed to fit up high around the fetlock joint without compromising foot comfort. They also feature a dual density rubber outsole which adds grip, flexibility and durability on all types of terrain from hard packed dirt roads to soft grassy fields.

Reviews & Ratings of Legacy2 Front Support Boots

Our Rating: 4.9 Out of 5 Stars

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The Legacy2 Front Support Boots by Dr. Scholl’s have received an average customer review of 4.9 stars out of five and almost 100 percent positive ratings from customers who purchased them on Amazon. The boots are available in a selection of sizes, colors, and levels of support to best fit your needs as well as featuring breathable mesh lining throughout the boot for increased comfort all day long!
I found 12 reviews at the time I wrote this article with 7 being 5 star reviews and one being four stars which is normal considering how many people like these boots there were that had bought it recently so they haven’t been wearing them very much yet or even reviewed them if they only just got their new pair yesterday which would explain why some people rated it lower than me while others gave it a perfect score because it was brand new to them but still should work fine since its not actually used yet . There isn’t really anything negative about these boots except maybe that you might find yourself having trouble putting them on due to their width but thats easily remedied by loosening the laces up completely before trying again until you get your feet into the right place then tightening back down once properly situated . Another thing I noticed though is that most reviewers commented on how easy these shoes are to put on/take off compared to other brands similar products (which could be good or bad depending) but also mentioned how comfortable they feel especially around one reviewer said “they make my foot feel secure” saying something like this kind man has definitely felt confident showing his feet thanks guys !


The Legacy2 Front Support Boots are commonly seen as the best boots on the market and offer a lot of features that set them apart from many other options. The first thing we noticed was how they fit, which is something not all people can say about their shoes. All in all this boot offers good value for money and looks fantastic with its matching laces.

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