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Legend Forge Tools Blacksmith Tongs, V-Bit Bolt 17 Review

Legend Forge Tools is a company that has been around since 2002. They have introduced many innovative tools, but the ones I am going to talk about now are their blacksmith tongs and v-bit bolt 17. The first tool is used for shaping metal by holding it against an anvil with a hammer on top of the blade – this creates V shapes in the metal that can be hammered into shape to create anything from sword hilts to fire pits! It’s not just for crafting either; these scissors come standard with needle nose pliers which make them especially useful for fishing hooks or other small tasks where you don’t want your fingers getting too close.

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Features of Legend Forge Tools Blacksmith Tongs, V-Bit Bolt 17

1. Versatile Blacksmithing Tongs
2. Minimum Square Stock: 7/16 / Maximum Square Stock: 1
3. Durable Forged Construction with Abrasion Resistant Coating
4. 17 Overall Length

1. Versatile Blacksmithing Tongs

A blacksmithing tool is a multi-purpose and versatile tool. The Legend Forge Tools Blacksmith Tongs, V-Bit Bolt 17 are designed to meet the needs of both beginner and intermediate smiths who prefer their tools portable rather than cumbersome. These tongs easily slide on to any type of anvil or benchtop surface thanks to the ergonomically curved design, which makes them perfect for quick workbenches because they don’t require you have a fixed base in order for it use these tongs efficiently. With its sleek black finish that offers plenty of grip and protection from rust, this set will give your projects a professional touch,.

2. Minimum Square Stock: 7/16 / Maximum Square Stock: 1

The Legend Forge Tools Blacksmith Tongs, V-Bit Bolt 17 have an adjustable jaw that can be set to minimunly square stock 7/16 and maximumsquare stock 1. They are made of high carbon Steel with a blackened finish for easy grip, making them perfect for handling large pieces of metal without accidentally cutting your hand or fingers on the sharp edges. The handles are triple riveted so they stay strong even when working with heavy material.

3. Durable Forged Construction with Abrasion Resistant Coating

These blacksmith tongs are made from durable, forged steel with a heavy-duty coating that provides abrasion resistance. The surface of the V-bit bolt has been treated so it will not rust or corrode. You can use these powerful tools for welding and fabricating, as well as general yard work in your backyard or garden. Legend Forge Tools is dedicated to making high quality products at affordable prices for their customers and they offer excellent customer support if you have any questions about their product line.”,”

4. 17 Overall Length

Legend Forge Tools are made from a combination of high-carbon steel and anodized aluminum. The blacksmith tongs have been designed for durability and comfort, with 4 short V-bit bolts that allow you to easily cut through the toughest metals up to 3/8 inch thick (approximately 1 cm).

Reviews & Ratings of Legend Forge Tools Blacksmith Tongs, V-Bit Bolt 17

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Legend Forge Tools Blacksmith Tongs, V-Bit Bolt 17 is a pair of long tongs that are designed to be used by blacksmiths. They have an ergonomic grip which makes them easy to use and they can also be adjusted for your hand size so you don’t even need gloves in most cases. Plus the ends on these tools allow you to get into small spaces easily without needing any other tool or device. The only drawback with this product is that it isn’t cheap – making it more expensive than what some people want to spend on a single set of tools but its high quality design may make up for the price difference in many situations
I found 11 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Legend Forge Tools Blacksmith Tongs 4.7 stars out of 5 possible on average, though there was another review from someone who gave 3 stars because he said “This thing doesn’t do anything I couldn’t do better myself” Though not everyone agrees with him!
The customer reviews seem very positive overall although one reviewer mentioned his wife’s disappointment when she made her own set instead as “she thought this would teach me how.” Other reviewers were quite pleased saying things like “These tongs work great,” and “VERY COOL AND DURABLE TOOLS!!!”
All together now: This gives us good reason enough both statistically (4/5)and qualitatively (the majority of users really liked their purchase)to recommend buying this product over others available


In summary, the Legend Forge Tools Blacksmith Tongs are a high-quality good and durable product. They come with a lifetime warranty, which means you can focus on your work without worrying about getting scammed into buying another tool that won’t last long.

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