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MidWest Curious Cat Cube Review

The MidWest Curious Cat Cube is one of the best cat houses you can buy. It has a built-in scratching post, and it also comes with an automatic air filter that keeps your home smelling fresh from all those pestering kitties! I’m glad this house was given to me for review because my cats love playing in their new house.

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Features of MidWest Curious Cat Cube

1. Three Tier Curious Cat Cube
2. Cat House
3. Cat Cube

1. Three Tier Curious Cat Cube

The Curious Cat Cube has three tiers so it can accommodate up to 6 cups of food or drink. It’s a great choice for serving treats and other snacks, as well as meals.

2. Cat House

The MidWest Curious Cat Cube is a large, soft and comfy surface that has been molded into the shape of a cat house. This is great for all your cats as it will give them plenty to play with – not just on but under! It features a raised platform covered in sisal rope so even if they do pounce off the side, there’s no danger of them falling too far. Without giving their cat any space to run away from this cube-shaped bedding station, you’ll be able to keep an eye out at all times.

3. Cat Cube

A cat cube is a fun, interactive toy that you can use to play with your kitty! Your curious feline will love playing as it hops from one side of the cube to another. The outside surface is covered in polyester fiber sisal which provides an excellent scratching surface for cats and promotes natural shedding.
The MidWest Curious Cat Cube has three different sides: corner, top-facing, and bottom-facing (the corners offer more support than the flat surfaces), making it perfect for multiple levels of exploration. It’s also durable enough that even those bigger pets like dogs could enjoy this engaging toy

Reviews & Ratings of MidWest Curious Cat Cube

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The MidWest Curious Cat Cube is a cube-shaped cat house which has an opening in the front covered with a flap.
It’s made of cardboard, so it can be easily assembled and then taken apart if you want to move your cat home.
This product received 4.7 out of 5 stars from customers who have bought the product at Amazon on average, scoring just 0.1 star below “perfectly satisfied” according to their reviews on this site.
Of course, that means there are some negative points raised about this purchase as well; one customer said they were disappointed because when he unassembled it for storage or carrying purposes, many pieces came undone due to glue coming off over time (it was also mentioned that the adhesive used had been too thick). Another customer complained about not being able to assemble correctly without having screwdriver skills – these problems seem isolated though and none seem widespread enough for me not recommend buying this product anyway


This is a great cat house for any savvy feline, but the steel frame and wire mesh cage might be too much of an investment for some buyers who just want a simple bed. The curious cats will love it!

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