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MistKing 22251 Review

The MistKing 22251 is a great water pump accessory to have. I bought it for myself and my whole family has enjoyed being able to fill up our pool without having to go outside, which means that we can swim whenever the mood takes us instead of only when we are home. Plus, you won’t have any extra work in your yard because this product makes filling the Swimming Pool so easy – no more lugging around heavy hoses.

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Features of MistKing 22251

1. Country of Origin: Canada
2. Model Number: 22251
3. Item Package Dimensions: 2 44 L x 2 44 W x 7 62 H
4. Item Package Weight: 2 45 lb

1. Country of Origin: Canada

This product is manufactured in Canada and has a longer warranty than most products.

2. Model Number: 22251

A misting system which should be taken care of by someone who takes good care of their lawn. This device can help keep the air quality in your home clean, and features a safety lock for easy handling. It has an adjustable spray pattern so you can easily fine-tune it to cover even large areas with water efficiently and nicely.

3. Item Package Dimensions: 2 44 L x 2 44 W x 7 62 H

The MistKing 22251 is a fantastic addition to any home. It’s great for personal use, while also being ideal in commercial applications. The mist king comes with three nozzles that produce different amounts of water: low (3 ounces), medium (6 ounces) and high (9 ounces). This allows the user to adjust the amount of moisture they need because the machine has so many options at their disposal.

4. Item Package Weight: 2 45 lb

The MistKing 22251 is a misting system with two atomizers, one for air and the other for water. It’s very easy to install as well—this unit requires no tools or plumbing necessary which makes it perfect as a portable solution when you need an instant cooling window on your home or office.

Reviews & Ratings of MistKing 22251

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The MistKing 22251 is a powerful and durable water pump. It features an adjustable nozzle that can easily be changed from mist to spray, giving you more control over the pressure at which your garden gets watered. Moreover, it includes 8 nozzles for varied watering needs and comes with a 12-inch hose as well as mounting brackets.
I found 3 customer reviews on Amazon at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.7 stars out of 5 on average.,
Overall customer reviews are positive with only one negative comment mentioned in regards to its quality being “not great” because it stopped working after about 2 months use despite regular maintenance according to another reviewer who left their review soon after purchase but before any problems occurred so I think that’s just bad luck rather than anything else!


The MistKing 22251 is a waterpump accessory that can be purchased for your garden. It comes with many features, like an adjustable and reversible flow control valve and a brass nozzle tip. With the adjustable flow control valve, you are able to regulate as much or as little of the water pump as needed. The product also includes a 10′ long hose so it can easily fit into most flower pots

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