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If you have a cat, it’s likely that the couch has been claimed as its territory. Not only can your kitty mark their territory with urine and feces, but they are also notorious for using furniture to sharpen their claws. You may want to consider getting a scratching pad for your feline friend so that both of you will be happy! I was recently in need of this type of product myself when my cats started scratching up my sofa. Fortunately, I found the Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher on Amazon at an affordable price – just what we needed to protect our furniture from scratches!

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Features of Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher

1. Shape is purr-fect for curling up
2. Scratch Surface Helps Keep Your Cat’s Claws Strong and Healthy
3. Replaceable Scratching Pad that’s also Reversible
4. 100% Recycled Paper
5. Stylish Modern Design with a Silhouette of a Cat’s Head

1. Shape is purr-fect for curling up

A purr-fect way to keep your four legged friends entertained. This shape is designed especially for curling up, so it will be a comfortable place to sleep or lounge around the house with your cat that loves being scratched just right. Made of durable and machine washable materials, this bed doesn’t need any ties – in fact, you can take off those pesky knots too!

2. Scratch Surface Helps Keep Your Cat’s Claws Strong and Healthy

The coziness of the surface is a natural deterrent to your cat’s scratching behavior. The plush material feels good and doesn’t irritate or pinch claws like many other scratchers do, letting you enjoy peace in your home knowing that your precious feline friend isn’t trying to claw its way out either.

3. Replaceable Scratching Pad that’s also Reversible

This is a more than just your average cat scratcher. It’s made from all natural materials, and 3 of the 4 sides can be replaced with one of two other scratching pads that are also reversible. One side has an abrasive surface for roughhousing cats, while the softest pad on this set can help calm down pets in need of some relaxation. Even better? This unit comes with an adjustable height so you’re sure to find a comfortable position whether you’re sitting or standing near your feline friend

4. 100% Recycled Paper

The erstwhile leopard skin is now in a dark brown color, but the impressive thing about this product is that it’s 100% recycled. It’s made of sturdy cardboard and printed on both sides with black ink so your cat will have plenty to do when you’re trying to watch TV or read (or just not be around). The best part? You can easily remove all the pieces from their packaging for recycling at home. This eco-friendly design makes a great gift idea as well!

5. Stylish Modern Design with a Silhouette of a Cat’s Head

Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher is a modern design that features a silhouette of an adorable cat’s head. The designer has also made sure to use their best materials, with the softest and highest-quality faux fur available anywhere! These are luxuriously luxurious sofa beds for your cats or small pets.

Reviews & Ratings of Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher is a felted mat that has been designed to give your cat plenty of places to scratch. This is the perfect accessory for anyone who likes cats and wants them scratching away happily on their new furniture or carpeting.
I found 19 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average with positive comments like, “My two year old loves it!”
and, “This was great purchase!” The product also includes some handy extra features such as an embroidered tag tied around its neck and small holes in each corner so you can easily hang it up when not in use
It seems like this would be good value for money overall and I recommend it without hesitation.”
That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher as well


This scratching pad is made of a soft and durable material that will not harm your cat’s claws. It also has an extra-deep design so it can be used as a lounger, while the non-slip surface prevents cats from slipping off. The fabric mat makes this product easy to clean and maintain.

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