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I’m sure you’re aware of the benefits that LED aquarium lights offer, but are they really worth it? This is a question people have asked me on numerous occasions. I’ve been pondering this for some time now and finally decided to conduct my own research in order to better understand what all the fuss was about. What follows is an overview of everything I came across during my review process – from how these lights work and their pros & cons, to which brands would be best suited for your needs.

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Features of NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2

1. 2nd Generation
2. 50% Brighter
3. Inline LED Controller
4. Adjustable Mounting Brackets
5. Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fish-only and low-high light level aquarium plants

1. 2nd Generation

The NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2 has a new improved light that is three times brighter than the original. This product also features an all-metal construction for durability and comes in white, which makes it easy to match up with different kitchen configurations.

2. 50% Brighter

The NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2 is a light that produces 50% more lumens than the original.

3. Inline LED Controller

The NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2 is an LED light that can be used to illuminate any window or surface in your home, and it comes with a controller. This allows you to set the intensity of the lighting as well as have easy access to dimming controls when needed. It also has bendable wires so they are easy enough to stick onto surfaces without damaging them, which makes installation much easier than traditional lights

4. Adjustable Mounting Brackets

There are 4 mounting brackets that can be adjusted in height to accommodate items of different sizes, which is a handy feature for all those who want to use their NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2.

5. Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fish-only and low-high light level aquarium plants

The NICREW Gen 2 LED can be used for freshwater or saltwater fish-only and low-high light level plant growth. It has an output of 5 watts, making it perfect for a single tank environment or any home aquarium setup with room only for one LED fixture to grow plants.

Reviews & Ratings of NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2 is a compact and affordable LED light for your aquarium. This model comes in both white and blue colors, so you have plenty of color options to choose from. It uses 4 watts or less per bulb, which makes it perfect for most fish tanks with up to 20 gallons of water capacity

NICREW has a very low profile design that allows the lights to easily fit under gravel without taking away usable space on an aquarium top. They also come equipped with adjustable height settings that let you adjust the angle at which they are positioned within the tank

To help prevent algae growth and bacterial disease buildup over time this product features built-in UVB lighting that helps your fish stay healthy


The NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2 provides natural light, along with a selection of different colors and is easy to set up. It comes in two sizes that accommodate most aquariums, and it has bright LEDs that are compatible with both freshwater and saltwater tanks. The non-glare lens prevents algae from growing under the lights while preserving your tank’s natural look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are NiCrew lights any good?

A: NiCrew lights are a good choice for those who want to buy a set of lights that will last them for years. They are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of being used on a daily basis.

Are NiCrew lights good for plants?

A: Yes, NiCrew lights are very good for plants. They provide a lot of light and are easy to use.

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