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Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures Review

When you are looking for a cat enclosure, there are so many options and things to consider. I was really pleased with all of the reviews that I found online on Outback Jack outdoor cat enclosures because they’re made of high-quality materials in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your particular needs. They offer both indoor and outdoor environments which is perfect if you don’t want your pet confined indoors during those harsh winter weather months or near any windows where it could escape.

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Features of Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures

1. Outdoor Use
2. 3 Levels for Your Pet
3. Reinforced Material

1. Outdoor Use

Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures are made for outdoor use, as the name says. They’re constructed of heavy-duty material with a powder coat finish and have rustproof metal latches. The cat enclosure has an optional ramp, which is helpful in getting your pet from outdoors to indoors without too much trouble.

2. 3 Levels for Your Pet

When looking for a way to keep your cat outside, it’s important that you find one that fits the space and can be used year-round. The Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures are designed with this in mind, featuring three levels of exercise: ground level, elevated ground level and elevated top (the top platform). There is also plenty of room inside for cats or small dogs up to 25 pounds. Plus, because the enclosure mimics natural landscaping features like hills and tunnels, cats will feel more at home when out there all day–and won’t want to leave!

3. Reinforced Material

Each Outback Jack enclosure is made with 3-ply reinforced material and includes a wire mesh covered ramp. The base of the enclosure has an area that’s raised up so it can be stepped on without getting wet, while still allowing your cats to easily jump in or out.

Reviews & Ratings of Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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Do you want to keep your cat inside, but not be able to let them run around outside? This is where the Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures come in. They are specifically designed for cats who love being outdoors and also like entertaining themselves with their toys.
21 customer reviews on Amazon have awarded this product 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average so far., making it very easy for me to recommend as well


The Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures take a bit of work to assemble, but are well worth it when you can show off your pet. The enclosures come in four different sizes and feature an easy-to-reach roof for feeding, water bowls that can be removed or filled from the top, and cat houses that don’t require assembly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are outdoor enclosures good for cats?

A: Outdoor enclosures are not good for cats. Cats need to be able to see and feel the world around them. They also need to have a sense of security that they can escape from if they need to.

How do you make an outdoor cat tunnel?

A: You can make an outdoor cat tunnel by digging a hole in the ground and lining it with a plastic sheet.

How do you put a cat tent together?

A: It is best to start with a rectangular piece of fabric. Fold it in half and then fold the two sides in towards each other, so that you have a square. Next, take one corner of the square and fold it over so that it meets the opposite side. Then take the other corner and do the same thing. You should now have four corners folded over on top of each other. Now take one of these corners and flip it over so that it is facing away from you

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