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Pedigree Dentastix Medium Review

The Pedigree Dentastix Medium was a great choice for our family. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats, so they eat lots of dry food which causes some teeth to stick out more than others. This has been causing my husband’s lower front incisors to get stuck in the gap where his upper front ones are missing. Thanks to these Dentastix he no longer has this problem – one less thing I worry about!

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Features of Pedigree Dentastix Medium

1. X Shape
2. Low in Fat and Sugar
3. Active Ingredients

1. X Shape

X-shaped shape of the Pedigree Dentastix Medium gives your pet a delicious treat that’s easy to eat and helps maintain natural oral hygiene.

2. Low in Fat and Sugar

All of the ingredients used in these Dentastix are natural and low in fat, which makes them perfect for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Plus, they’re also free from sugar and artificial colors or flavors.

3. Active Ingredients

Dentastix are made with a variety of ingredients that provide long-lasting and effective plaque control, including natural chelated minerals. Unlike other brands, they have no added flavors or sweeteners so your dog still tastes his regular food while receiving the benefits of their clinically proven formula.

Reviews & Ratings of Pedigree Dentastix Medium

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The Pedigree Dentastix Medium are a great way to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. They come in three different sizes, so they should fit most dogs or cats. The package includes 6 squeak toys which is good because it means you only need one container of this product for the whole household!
I found 23 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Pedigree Dentastix Medium 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
There were some positive things said about these products as well; many customers appreciated how durable these toys were saying, “My dog loves them”and others loved that there was no mess with these types of toy saying, “No fur everywhere” and finally another happy customer said: “love love love”.
So I can recommend those products from my personal experience too!


In summary, the Pedigree Dentastix are a fun and interactive toy for your pet. Well made, durable, easy to use and clean. All in all this is a good product at an affordable price that will give your pet hours of enjoyment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are pedigree Dentastix good for dogs?

A: Yes, they are a good treat for dogs.

Why are Dentastix bad for dogs?

A: Dentastix are a popular dog treat that is made of corn and wheat. They are not good for dogs because they contain gluten, which can cause digestive problems in dogs.

How often should you give your dog pedigree Dentastix?

A: I am not a vet, but according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, it is recommended that you give your dog Dentastix twice a day.

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