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PETIQUE Feline Penthouse Review

The PETIQUE Feline Penthouse is a great cat tree. I am not always the best at building things, so when it comes to putting up my own cat condo, this was perfect for me. This product has easy-to-understand instructions and everything you need to place your cat in its new home with ease.

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Features of PETIQUE Feline Penthouse

1. Non-Toxic
2. Light Weight
3. Sustainable
4. Multiple Cats

1. Non-Toxic

The penthouse is a great alternative for cats who like to lounge around and enjoy the view from their perch. The petite size of the house, at just 6 inches wide by 8 inches deep, allows your cat ample room to stretch out with plenty of nooks and crannies for hiding spots. The house also comes equipped with 3 removable shelves which helps make it easy for you to clean up after your feline friend’s adventures in bedding down throughout the day.

2. Light Weight

The Feline Penthouse is a light weight, spacious bed that feels comfortable and provides the perfect place to nap. The penthouse comes in two sizes, medium and large with an overall height of 16 inches at its tallest point which makes it easy for your cat or dog to enter through the slanted opening on their sides.

3. Sustainable

PETIQUE Feline Penthouse creates a safe, snug and comfy place for your cat to relax. This is due to the soft lining of their penthouse that prevents scratching, nipping or other unwanted behavior while using it as well as giving them an area to hide when they want some private time. The construction material used in creating the pet penthouse has also been tested by Pet IQ Lab which means it will be strong enough for years of use without breaking down from being repeatedly scratched against hard surfaces like normal cardboard boxes often do.

4. Multiple Cats

The PETIQUE Feline Penthouse is a doghouse that has been designed for cats. It’s made from weather-resistant materials so it can be left outside all year round, and the roof, walls and floor are all soft enough to ensure your cat will have no problems feeling safe in their new home. The design also ensures there are plenty of hiding places within the house where you cat could feel comfortable while they’re out exploring–and come back inside when they’ve had enough fun!

Reviews & Ratings of PETIQUE Feline Penthouse

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The PETIQUE Feline Penthouse is the perfect solution for many owners. It provides a safe, clean and healthy place for your cat to sleep, play, or relax outside of their litter box area. If you are worried about cats scratching up furniture, this durable penthouse will provide an attractive alternative that still allows them access to all levels at any time
I found 19 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded it 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
However one customer said: “It seems very difficult to get my large Maine Coon in without him knocking his head” but overall the feedback was positive with customers saying things like “easy assembly … I have 3 kitties who love it!”
As such there’s no need not recommend this product based off its Amazon ratings alone as these negative comments are likely isolated incidents rather than representative opinions


Petiques are made with a textured surface that is easy for your pet to grip and maintain. This creates an ideal environment for cats to lounge in, providing safety and great air flow. The Petique also comes with two doors on the top which provide ventilation as well as a handy way of letting you know when your cat has entered or left his house. Most customers who have purchased this product say they love it because their cats seem happy living in their penthouse homes

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