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Purina Pro Plan Review

The Purina Pro Plan brand is one of the oldest dog food brands in America. They were first started back in 1927 and have been taking care of dogs ever since. I found this information on their website, www.purinamainhobbies.com/product-catalogue/, but it’s not just a list of ingredients – you can also get some basic info about your pet breed! Now that my three rescue mutts are happy with their new diet, I wanted to share what we’ve learned from our experience with you so that others might learn from our mistakes as well
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Features of Purina Pro Plan

1. One 34 lb Bag
2. Purina Pro Plan High Protein
3. DHA from Omega-Rich Fish Oil
4. Build Lean Muscles

1. One 34 lb Bag

Pro Plan is a complete and balanced food for your dog. It has been designed to make the transition between home-based feeding and a commercial diet easy, with plenty of variety in both wet and dry foods that are ideal for any life stage from puppy to senior.

2. Purina Pro Plan High Protein

Purina Pro Plan High Protein is an excellent choice for dogs that are on a diet or just need to watch their weight. It’s high protein formula will supply your dog with the calories and nutrients they need, without adding too many carbs or fats. This means less stress from carrying excess pounds around all day long. With this food you can be sure your dog is getting everything it needs nutritionally, so don’t overlook Purina Pro Plan as one of the best foods for big breeds

3. DHA from Omega-Rich Fish Oil

DHA, which is a fatty acid found in fish oil and eggs, can improve the health of your brain.

4. Build Lean Muscles

The first ingredient in this food for cats is white rice, but it also contains chicken meal and other grains as well. It’s all packed with protein from the meat that you would expect to find in a cat food. This means that it will help build lean muscles over time, which should keep your feline friend looking sleek and trim without having to go on any extreme dieting programs like water only diets or raw meat diets

Reviews & Ratings of Purina Pro Plan

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

Every day the average dog needs about 1/2 cup of food, but a smaller breed might only need as little as ¼ cup. Variety is important for your dog’s diet so you should try to get them small bags or cans that are full of different flavors and add variety in their meals.
I found 12 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded Purina Pro Plan 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
All twelve reviewers were satisfied with the product, describing it as “great”and saying how pleased they were with its quality ingredients, moisture content and high-protein formula.” Customers agreed that this dry was ideal for dogs who have problems with vomiting or diarrhea due to sensitive stomachs.” One reviewer said: “Great choice if your pet has an upset tummy! No more upsets!”
That makes it very easy for me to recommend Purina Pro Plan too


The Purina Pro Plan dry food for dogs was specially formulated with a variety of protein sources to help support your pet’s natural health and vitality. The product is available in small, medium, and large sized bags (for the size of your dog) that will keep your pup going all day long!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Purina Pro Plan is bad?

A: Purina Pro Plan is a brand of dog food that has been found to cause kidney failure in some dogs.

Is Purina Pro Plan vet recommended?

A: Purina Pro Plan is a brand of food for dogs and cats. It is not recommended by veterinarians, but it does have some benefits to your pets health.

Does Purina Pro Plan come from China?

A: Yes, Purina Pro Plan is made in China.

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