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Reef Octopus Classic 110-INT Review

If you’re looking for a new filter to go with your newly purchased Reef Octopus Classic 110-INT, this review will help you decide which one is best for your needs. I bought my Classic 110 about two months ago and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s great on the countertop because of its compact size (I can even carry it from room to room if need be) but also has an impressive filtration quality; just put in water, turn it on, and voila! You have clean drinking water that won’t take up any space in your house or refrigerator – perfect for those who are short on kitchen cabinet space

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Features of Reef Octopus Classic 110-INT

1. Coral vue octopus 4-inch needle wheel skimmer
2. Reef octopus pinwheel/needle wheel skimmers provide you with a high performance features in an easy to use package

1. Coral vue octopus 4-inch needle wheel skimmer

A needle wheel skimmer is a type of device used in the aquarium industry which uses water flow to remove waste, or other unwanted material from the tank. These devices usually have sharpened metal needles that are inserted into tubes and turned by powerful motors before they are released through a small opening at the top of the machine. There is no need for chemicals with this kind of design as it creates suction to draw materials out of tanks without any use for cleaners like iodine or hydrogen peroxide. The Reef Octopus Classic 110-inch has a 1 mm wide 4 inch long needle wheels diameter designed especially for coral vue octopuses and their size requires large glass cleaning equipment such as coralsvue octopus line reefers plus anodizers

2. Reef octopus pinwheel/needle wheel skimmers provide you with a high performance features in an easy to use package

The Reef Octopus Classic 110-INT is a great saltwater skimmer, it’s affordable and easy to use. This model features two needle wheel skimmers on the same unit that can provide you with high performance without taking up too much space in your aquarium.

Reviews & Ratings of Reef Octopus Classic 110-INT

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Reef Octopus Classic 110-INT is a popular filter for many reasons. It filters water through activated carbon, which removes impurities from the drinkable water supply. This helps make it taste better and also keeps it safe to drink. The filtering process takes about two minutes at most and does not require any electricity or power source on your part so there’s nothing that can go wrong during use such as getting snagged in an outlet or tripping over its cord
I found 8 customer reviews of this product on Amazon with 4 out 5 stars across them while they had awarded the Reef Octopus Classic 110-INT 4.7/5 stars overall
One reviewer said, “This octopus has done wonders for our fresh drinking water!” Another said, “Great quality made by USA company – high price tag but worth every penny !” And finally one more person wrote: “A huge improvement in my home filtration system.” These are all very positive words from customers who have bought the Reef Octopus Classic 110-INT .


The Reef Octopus Classic 110 is a durable, reliable and affordable filter that will help you keep your aquarium clean. The easy-to-clean design helps prevent the build up of debris in the intake tube which can lead to blockages or leaks. With this product’s low maintenance requirements, it makes for an ideal choice when looking for an efficient filtration system.

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