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Reptile Hide Box Review

If your home is anything like mine, there are many places where snakes and lizards could stop by for a visit. One way to ensure that you don’t lose small creatures in between the cracks of your floorboards is with a reptile hide box. The major problem I found with other hides was how difficult they were to keep clean – not so much as this one! This particular design features multiple holes which allow water and food particles from escaping, but also allows scent molecules from entering.
These benefits make cleaning it easy on any owner who has children or dogs

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Features of Reptile Hide Box

1. Size: Large 13
2. Durable, Attractive, and Easy To Clean
3. Smooth Plastic Inside and Out
4. Provides Security For Your Snake or Reptile

1. Size: Large 13

This large 13-gallon reptile hide box will keep your pet happy and healthy in their own habitat that is easily cleaned.

2. Durable, Attractive, and Easy To Clean

When it comes to keeping your reptile safe, you need a reliable and attractive enclosure that’s easy to clean. The Reptile Hide Box is perfect for creating an inviting home for your pet. This extremely durable hide box features two entrances, one on the top of the lid and one in front of the base. With no corners or edges, this piece has been designed with safety in mind as well; making sure nothing can escape through any crack or crevice. It also happens to be very attractive thanks to its natural look and sleek design

3. Smooth Plastic Inside and Out

The Reptile Hide Box comes with a smooth, soft plastic interior and out. This makes it easy to clean the inside of your box without scratching or damaging any delicate reptile skins that you may have placed in there before. This is important because they can suffer fairly serious health problems if they are not taken care of properly, so this product really helps make sure their needs are met while also keeping things sanitary for them as well as yourself.

4. Provides Security For Your Snake or Reptile

If you’re thinking about getting a new reptile for the family, or if your current pet is just in need of some extra protection and space, then this might be the perfect gift. The Reptile Hide Box is made to fit snake tanks up to 40 gallons so that they can have their own safe home while still being able to move around freely.

Reviews & Ratings of Reptile Hide Box

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Reptile Hide Box is a versatile hideout for your reptilian friends. It’s made of durable, waterproof plastic that won’t crack or stain like wooden ones. Featuring four convenient doors and a large opening to provide easy access, this box will accommodate any size lizard!
I found 8 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Reptile Hide Box 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
All those who reviewed it said things like “Extremely well-made” and “Love it! Love it! Love it!,” with no negative feedback in sight – so I can recommend without hesitation that you buy this product too!.


A great hiding spot for small pets like mice, snakes, rats and more. The hideout can be easily adjusted to fit different animals of similar size by having a removable lid that opens up the space inside.

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