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Snuggle Safe Review

Snuggle Safe is a company that has created an amazing breakthrough in the world of home heating mats. With these heat mats, you can now keep your floor warm while protecting it from damage due to spills and wear-and-tear. The Snuggle Safe mat is perfect for living rooms or any other area where furniture needs protection, but doesn’t have space for traditional rugs on the ground since they take up too much room underneath chairs and couches. This review will cover what makes this product so great as well as how it works best with different fabrics and materials such as tile floors and carpeting – making sure that no matter what type of surface is under your feet, you’ll be able to enjoy warmth all year round!

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Features of Snuggle Safe

1. Perfect for Travel
2. Comes with Fleece Cover
3. Original, Durable, and Safe
4. Microwaveable and Heats Up Quickly

1. Perfect for Travel

Snuggle Safe, a product designed by the makers of Snuggie, is an inflatable sleep sack that has been made to fit all shapes and sizes. The lightweight blanket can be used as protection from cold air or for those with mobility issues.
The material is filled with micro-fibers which are meant to keep in excess heat during sleep events – such as camping or travel, since this would help retain your body’s temperature better than normal blankets often do.

2. Comes with Fleece Cover

Cozy and Comfortable.
Snuggle Safe 2 is a brand new product that comes with a fleece cover for babies who are just learning to move around, or want extra warmth during the night time hours. It’s available in two sizes: 0-6 months (10 ounces) and 6-24 months (14 ounces). All you have to do is remove the baby from their infant sling/carrier into Snuggle Safe
and zip them up inside. The zipper goes all of the way down so your little one can’t escape when they start getting fussy at bedtime!

3. Original, Durable, and Safe

When it comes to your baby’s safety, you want only the best. This is why Snuggle Safe has become a leading brand in infant sleep products and with this particular mattress protector you know that not just any company can make an item for babies as safe as their own. They are original because they were the first of their kind when they came out years ago. The durable part refers to how well-made these items really are; made from quality materials and extra long lasting design so that your little one will not have anything but fun using them. Lastly, being safe is where all snuggles come from! It’s what makes this product unique

4. Microwaveable and Heats Up Quickly

A soft, comfy blanket for your little one that is also microwaveable and heats up quickly.


The Snuggle Safe is a cozy, safe and soft blanket that you can take anywhere. This easy-to-carry blanket features 5 layers of feathers with high quality insulation – an ideal choice for the whole family on camping trips or during winter storms. The five layers are stitched together to create a dense and warm coverlet while maintaining its light weight and compact size.
A SGS/SMITHERS RAPRA TESTED product, it also has been deemed as “safe” by independent laboratories who tested it for safety standards in both Canada (CSA) and Australia (AS+NZ). Additionally, this cosy comfort blanket passed all US CPSIA regulations ensuring your little ones stay snug at night without any worries about chemicals leeching into their skin through touchable fabrics like cotton flannel sheets..

Reviews & Ratings of Snuggle Safe

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Snuggle Safe heat mat is a must-have for anyone with babies or small children. It’s made of a high quality, durable silicone that prevents burns and will never lose its shape.
I found 15 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Snuggle Safe Heat Mat 4.5 stars out of 5 on average .
Some people said, “This was quick and easy to use” while others said that their kids loved it because “it just wasn’t hot enough” but overall everyone seemed happy with this purchase – even those who didn’t actually buy it!
It seems as though you could wrap anything up in this product as long as your child likes warmth (hats, blankets) so I feel safe recommending it again here too


Snuggle Safe heat mats are great for providing cozy warmth to your feet. The thin, yet strong material is easy to fold and store in a closet or drawer with minimal surface area. Unlike other products that use similar materials, the Snuggle Safe design provides comfort without any burn risk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Snuggle Safes safe?

A: Yes, they are safe.

What is inside a SnuggleSafe?

A: The SnuggleSafe is a small, soft, plush toy that is designed to be cuddled and squeezed. Its made of 100% polyester fiberfill with no stuffing or filling.

How long does SnuggleSafe last?

A: The SnuggleSafe can last up to a year.

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