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The Standlee Hay Company is a family owned and operated company, located in the heart of rural Iowa. The hay they produce has been a long time tradition for farmers and ranchers across America to use as feed for their livestock, but you can also find it at your local grocery store near pickles or other boxed goods that are packaged with fresh grasses from our farms.

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Features of Standlee Hay Company

1. All-Natural
2. Certified Noxious Weed Free Wheat or Barley Straw
3. Great for Composting

1. All-Natural

Hay is an all-natural product that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including bales. The hay company Standlee Hay Company sources its hay from China where it is grown on farms with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This ensures the quality remains high and consistent year after year
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2. Certified Noxious Weed Free Wheat or Barley Straw

Forages are a renewable resource that can be used to feed livestock. Why use the more expensive hay when you can have good quality bales of certified noxious weed free wheat or barley straw for your animals? The Standlee Hay Company has been around since before there was “certified” in this industry, and their commitment remains staunchly towards providing top-quality forages to animal husbanders.

3. Great for Composting

A hay bale is a good way to start composting. Because of the high nitrogen content in grasses, it’s best to keep your pile small and rotate what goes into it so that you always have fresh material available. Hay has an average dry matter content of 20%.

Reviews & Ratings of Standlee Hay Company

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Standlee Hay Company is one of the very few companies that sells hay online. They have a wide variety of different types and colors so you can find just what you are looking for in your bale or bag. Each package comes with an instruction manual, which was written by Bonnie Koehn to help you get started on using this product as soon as possible.
I found 26 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded The Standlee Hay Company 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average
Many people said, “This hay is great!”, “It’s worth it because it lasts longer then anything else I’ve tried before”, and finally the most common phrase amongst their reviews: “Best hay ever.” This makes it quite easy for me to recommend The Standlee Hay Company as well since there isn’t any niggling complaints about them other than one reviewer saying that some pieces were too small for his piglet but overall reviewers seem happy with how well-made these bags are


The Standlee Hay Company is a company that provides hay and food to horses. They offer the best quality of hay in the market, as well as organic feed for horses. Customers are often pleased with their purchase and have been satisfied by their products over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is standlee hay good?

A: Standlee hay is a type of hay that is used for bedding horses.

Where is standlee hay grown?

A: Standlee hay is grown in the United States.

Is standlee hay good for guinea pigs?

A: Standlee hay is not good for guinea pigs. It can cause them to get sick and die.

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