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TOP's Parrot Food Pellets Review

If you are looking for a good bird food, then TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets is the best choice. These parrot treats come in various flavors to please even picky birds, and they have been designed with your pet’s health in mind. My family has two lovebirds that enjoy these pellets as their evening snack before bedtime each night; this way we can be assured that our pets will be healthy without having to put much effort into making them happy.

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Features of TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets

1. TOP’s All Size Hookbills Pellets
2. USDA Certified Complete Diet Bird Food
3. Natural Preservatives with Rosemary, Rose Hips, Lemon and Orange Peel
4. Measures 1/4 in diameter

1. TOP’s All Size Hookbills Pellets

The TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets are made from 100% natural ingredients and come in a variety of sizes. The size you need depends on the weight of your bird, so it’s easy to find just what your pet needs. They even have an all-size hookbill for smaller birds who can’t hold onto their food! These parakeets love these big bites of tasty pellets which help them maintain a healthy diet—and eating habits will be much easier since they’ll always get full with each bite. Less waste means more time for playtime!.

2. USDA Certified Complete Diet Bird Food

Birds are pretty picky eaters, and it is difficult to give them the nutrition they need. That’s why TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets come in a complete diet that has been specially formulated for birds so you can be sure your pet will get all of their nutritional needs met as well as have fun watching them chow down on these tasty treats. The pellets provide a balanced diet with both fruits and vegetables which means less mess from going through seed dispensers or swinging from vine-covered branches.

3. Natural Preservatives with Rosemary, Rose Hips, Lemon and Orange Peel

TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets are made with natural ingredients, including rosemary and lemon peel. The pellets are freeze-dried for long lasting freshness in a crunchy snack that is both healthy and great tasting.

4. Measures 1/4 in diameter

These pellets are shaped like a small round ball, with markings on the outside that indicate how much food is inside. They are available in three sizes: 8 grams of protein and 21 calories per serving, 10 grams of protein and 20 calories per serving, 12 grams of protein and 24 calories per serving.

Reviews & Ratings of TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets are dehydrated bird food for parrots. They contain a high balanced mix of vitamins and minerals to help keep your pet healthy, as well as an assortment of tasty treats such as dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, yogurt pieces, whole grains or even rabbit.
I found 1 customer review at the time of writing with them giving the top rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on average
This product has been awarded nearly perfect reviews overall but some customers did have complaints about it being too small for large birds or that they don’t offer enough variety in their products-this will be looked into by the company who produce this product


When you’re looking for bird food that your parrot will enjoy without all the preservatives, try TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets. These pellets are made to be high in protein and low on fat. They also contain no added sugars or artificial colors so they’re a healthy choice as well. Your bird is sure to love these!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is tops a good parrot food?

A: Tops are a good parrot food.

Are Tops pellets good for birds?

A: Tops pellets are not good for birds. They contain a lot of salt, which is toxic to birds and can cause them to die.

What are the healthiest pellets for birds?

A: The best pellet for birds is a mixture of seeds and nuts, like sunflower seeds and peanuts.

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