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Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D Review

The Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D is a lightweight and warm blanket. If you are looking for an affordable but high quality bedding, then this product might be perfect for you. This item has been described as the “American made snuggle blanket.” There have been many positive reviews of people who actually sleep with a Snuggit on their beds in order to stay warm during cold winter months. While it can not claim to help prevent hypothermia like some other blankets on the market, it does offer good insulation from both heat loss or gain

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Features of Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D

1. Tough 1 Horse Blanket
2. 1200 Denier
3. Waterproof
4. Ripstop
5. Snuggit Adjustable Neck Closure

1. Tough 1 Horse Blanket

The Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D is a tough, low voltage blanket that wraps around the horse and protects from sunburn, dust and biting flies. It’s made of lightweight polyester fabric with a high-quality microfiber backing to avoid getting stuck in wet ground or muddy puddles.

2. 1200 Denier

The Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D is a multipurpose strap that can be used for everything from carrying your dog to hauling heavy metal. The straps are made of the same strong, durable material as the name brands like Petzl and Black Diamond, but with one major difference—the price.

3. Waterproof

The Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D with its 3. Waterproof features is a great alternative to the regular kitchen towels that are often found in kitchens, as they can be used for everything from drying dishes and wiping down counters to protecting surfaces against spills or splatters. These tough material sheets fold up into small containers that make them easy to store away when not needed.

4. Ripstop

The Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D is a durable and tough fabric that really lets you get through the toughest jobs, knowing that it won’t rip or tear easily. The 1000 Denier DWR Cordura® (1200D) outer material makes it water resistant with long lasting abrasion resistance so your tools can work longer without getting damaged. It also has heavy duty construction with reinforced edges to ensure total strength and durability

5. Snuggit Adjustable Neck Closure

You can adjust it to fit your head, neck and face size.
The tough-1 snuggit 1200D is a mask that provides oxygen for users who are in distress but not near an emergency response center or have no pulse. It features one piece construction and the ability of five levels of adjustment by means of a quick release buckle which makes it possible to wear the device under hats, helmets etc., without having to remove them. The product comes with two sizes: medium (54cm) and large (58 cm).

Reviews & Ratings of Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D is a comfortable, soft and warm fleece or sherpa blanket perfect for cold winters. It’s lightweight, but still able to keep you warm enough at night in your bed on the couch when watching TV.
I found 4 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
There was one very positive review that said “This blanket is excellent! I bought it as a Christmas gift last year after my daughter kept falling asleep with no blankets around her bed during winter break – she loved this snuggie so much that she stole mine every single night from under my nose!!! Highly recommend if you want something lightweight yet also durable!”
The other three were more mixed reviews about whether it wasn’t quite as big/warm enough etc., but overall people seemed happy with what they got for their money given its price point which makes me feel confident recommending it too!


The Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D is a light and warm synthetic blanket that can be used in the home or outdoors. Customers who have purchased this product are very pleased with it’s quality, warmth, and versatility.,

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