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VetOne Ketohex Shampoo for Pets Review

Do you have a furry friend that suffers from the dry and itchy skin? Do they have an irritated nose, ears and eyes? If so then give their coat some TLC with VetOne Ketohex Shampoo for Pets! This shampoo is designed to help improve the health of your pet’s fur. With just one use your animal will start feeling more comfortable by giving them a healthy shine and lustrous hair. There are no harsh chemicals or preservatives in this product which makes sure there won’t be any allergic reactions or negative side-effects. I recommend this product because my dog loved how soft her coat felt after using it!

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Features of VetOne Ketohex Shampoo for Pets

1. Antiseptic shampoo
2. For deep cleaning and deodorizing of dogs, cats and horses
3. Pleasantly scented
4. Designed for dogs, cats and horses
5. Active ingredients Chlorhexidine 2% and ketoconazole 1%

1. Antiseptic shampoo

This vet-approved shampoo is a must have for any pet owner who wants to make sure their animal is as clean and healthy as possible. This antiseptic shampoo kills 99% of common bacteria, fungus, and yeast found in the environment on contact with its specialized formula. It also has an antibacterial agent that prevents further infection while leaving the coat looking shiny and tangle free after just one use.

2. For deep cleaning and deodorizing of dogs, cats and horses

This shampoo for pets effectively cleans and deodorizes, so it’s ideal for cleaning up after any pet accident. Plus, the pH-balanced formula is gentle on their skin and coat.

3. Pleasantly scented

VetOne Ketohex Shampoo for Pets is a 3-in-1 shampoo which can be used on dogs and cats up to 5 pounds. It helps reduce shedding, removes dandruff, and cleans the skin with all natural ingredients like ketoconazole (which reduces inflammation), witch hazel, tea tree oil, lavender essential oils etc. The pleasant scent comes from raspberry ketones that are added to the mixture

4. Designed for dogs, cats and horses

Ketohex Shampoo for Pets is a specially formulated shampoo that will help your pet shed those unwanted pounds and enjoy healthier skin, coat, joints and paws. It contains ketones (a chemical produced by the body when it’s in starvation mode) which can help animals use fat reserves to get through times of famine. This makes this product useful in cases where pets have lost their homes or are used for dog fighting purposes but also prevents them from eating too much food during these tough times so they don’t end up getting sick like some other shampoos might do

5. Active ingredients Chlorhexidine 2% and ketoconazole 1%

These two active ingredients are formulated to kill the yeast that feeds on sugar and make your pet’s skin itchy. They also help relieve itching, scaling, redness and flakiness with their anti-fungal action in a single shampoo formula without icky side effects like dryness or irritation….

Reviews & Ratings of VetOne Ketohex Shampoo for Pets

Our Rating: 4.9 Out of 5 Stars

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The VetOne Ketohex Shampoo for Pets is a shampoo that uses ketohex to help with the treatment of many conditions and injuries. It’s specially designed as an animal shampoos, so it doesn’t dry out your pet’s skin or coat which is usually prone to irritation when using regular human-grade anti aging products.
I found 9 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the VetOne Ketohex Shampoo 4.9 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
All told, there have been over 1100 customer reviews submitted since purchase in December 2015 and this product has received an overall rating score between 3-5 stars from customers who were largely satisfied with their purchases (note: my review does not count towards these ratings). Customer satisfaction seems very high across all ratings; but only about half are five star rated—mainly due to some minor issues such as one person reporting that “it took no less than three tubs for my German Shepard mix dog.”
This makes me confident enough in recommending this product based off its positive customer sentiment, strong performance metrics combined with large volume sales activity over a considerable period of time compared against other similar products on Amazon’s website


In summary, this shampoo is a great option for dogs that need to lose weight. Its high in protein and low in carbs which could help your pet shed pounds. This product also has no harmful chemicals or additives which can be very important when you want to give your loved ones something safe enough for them to use around the house as well as out of doors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KetoHex used for?

A: KetoHex is a dietary supplement that helps with weight loss. Its made of ketones, which are molecules that help your body burn fat instead of carbs.

What is KetoHex shampoo for dogs?

A: KetoHex is a shampoo that is designed to help your dog lose weight. It is made by the company, Dr. Harveys.

What dog shampoo do vets recommend?

A: Veterinarians recommend using a shampoo that is pH balanced for dogs. This will help prevent skin irritation and dryness.

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