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VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratcher Review

Everyone knows cats can be pretty finicky and hard to please, so they’ll take a lot of effort on your part if you want to keep them happy. That’s why I was so excited when my sister-in-law gave me this VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratcher as a gift last Christmas. Now that it’s springtime, all the cacti are coming back outside and peeking their heads through our window screens again – perfect time for some cat scratching sessions! My cats love using this scratcher because it really is soft on their paws (and yours) while being sturdy enough not to break easily or wear out quickly like those cheaply made posts from various pet stores

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Features of VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratcher

1. Cat-Appealing Design
2. The bright color and cute appearance will attract cats to scratch
3. Purely Handmade with Premium Material
4. Assembles In Few Minutes
5. Intimate Service

1. Cat-Appealing Design

The cactus is designed so as to look like a cat, with its green swirls and wide mouth. It’s also very lightweight at just 2.6 pounds, making it easy for even the most lazy of cats to carry around and use on their own terms.

2. The bright color and cute appearance will attract cats to scratch

This is a 2-in1 product, which will please your kids by giving them something to keep their cats entertained. It comes with two different textures and colors that attract the attention of your cat, who will then scratch it to satisfy its natural instinctive behavior.

3. Purely Handmade with Premium Material

Made by hand in the USA, Vetreska has created a cat scratcher that is made from premium materials. The company uses only bovine leather and stainless steel for this product. This allows it to be long-lasting with no need for any additional maintenance or replacement of parts.

4. Assembles In Few Minutes

This collapsible, portable cat scratcher is a great product for taking along on holiday or even just when you’re out and about. It takes only seconds to assemble, has no pre-installed nails so it’s safe for cats of any age (even kittens), comes with a travel bag that can be used as storage if needed, and folds into its own carrying case.

5. Intimate Service

If you have a cat that needs some serious scratching, the VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratcher will scratch your feline friend’s itch. This patented product is made from natural sisal fiber to provide an ultra-soft and absorbent surface for any type of animal. The scratcher comes in three different sizes so there’s something for every size pet. All it takes is one lazy paw to grab this sturdy yet soft toy!

Reviews & Ratings of VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratcher

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratcher is a unique, modern and simple cat scratching post that can be placed anywhere in the house. It’s made of durable sisal rope it has no dangerous parts and only features one opening to access all four sides so your pet won’t have any trouble reaching around.
I found 15 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratcher 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
Whether you’re using this as an indoor or outdoor toy for your feline friend, customers were very pleased with their purchase! One person said, “It’s sturdy enough for my big guy but light enough he doesn’t feel like he’s carrying his own weight when I set him down from running up its ramp-like surface,” while another commented “This scratcher was perfect for our sweet kitty!”
However some people did raise complaints about durability especially saying that sometimes debris falls off onto their floor because there are holes instead of slots which could lead to bacteria build-up from urine if not cleaned regularly.. Other than these minor gripes though everyone else seems happy with their choice! This makes it easy to recommend the VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratcher too


In conclusion, this product is a great way to keep your cat entertained while they are scratching their nails and shedding. It also comes in pieces that can be stored away easily when not being used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What scratcher is best for cats?

A: The best scratcher for cats is the one that you have. If you dont have a scratching post, then your best option would be to get a cat tree with a carpeted base and some sisal rope on top of it.

How long do sisal cat scratchers last?

A: Sisal cat scratchers last for a long time, typically about 4-6 months.

Are scratch posts good for cats?

A: Yes, they are good for cats.

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