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Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Review

If you’re looking for a new bird cage that will add to your home’s decor, the Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage is perfect option. I was impressed with how well this cage looks on my outside patio once it was installed and how sturdy it feels when my birds are inside. The mesh allows air circulation so there isn’t any mold or smells from rotting food. If you want an elegant solution for housing your feathered friends then look no further than the Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage by Homecrest Interiors

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Features of Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

1. Wrought Iron Select Cages
2. 4 Stainless Steel Cups
3. 2 Wood Perches
4. Cage Stand
5. Playtop and Rounded Seed Guards

1. Wrought Iron Select Cages

A bird cage needs to be strong and durable enough to hold your pet. The Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage is one of the strongest metal cages on the market, at only 0.7 ounces per square foot so it won’t rust or corrode over time like iron wire can sometimes do with other metal cages. It’s also coated in a special finish that makes cleaning easier without harming your feathered friend!

2. 4 Stainless Steel Cups

A bird cage needs to be sturdy in order for your feathered friend not only to stay safe but also enjoy his time being free. The Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage is a perfect example of this, as it has four stainless steel cups that are strong and rust-proof, so your pet will never have any issues with his new home.
The Wrought Iron Select’s bars are made out of the same high-quality metal material because they need to be able to hold up against predators who may want access into their enclosure. Your birds will feel very secure in one of these cages which would make them happy too!

3. 2 Wood Perches

This bird cage comes with three wooden perches, each measuring in at two inches wide by 3.2 feet long. The wings are also made of wood, and the doors open from both sides so birds can easily get out or come inside without getting stuck on a bar.

4. Cage Stand

Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage is a cage stand. It’s made of strong, sturdy wrought iron and gives you the freedom to change your birdcage where ever you like. A great design feature is that it comes with an adjustable height (from 35-55cm), so it can fit any size pet bird! If you’re looking for something on the practical side, then this durable yet attractive product will definitely make a good investment!.

5. Playtop and Rounded Seed Guards

A bird cage is a home for birds. If you have ever seen one, they can be quite intimidating to look at and seem like something that would be very difficult to clean. However, the Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage has been designed in such a way that its top is removable so it becomes easy to wash down with water or even put on the dishwasher if needed. Additionally, although made from iron material, this durable bird cage doesn’t rust because of special design features which prevent any damp areas from forming where water could collect causing damage over time:

Reviews & Ratings of Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage is a nice bird cage for its price. It comes in three different sizes and has a removable tray so you can change the food without having to clean it each time, which is good because this particular model doesn’t have any cleaning options.
I found 10 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage 4.5 stars out of 5 on average. Reviewers enjoyed how easy it was to assemble, but pointed out that there were some small gaps where water might get inside (although no one mentioned anything about animals escaping). However, no one seems to be bothered by this problem either way, so if you are looking for something affordable with little assembly required then I would recommend you take a look at these cages as well!


This is a very practical and well-made birdcage with many intricate details that gives it an almost organic feel. It has been made to last, so this product will not fall apart in your hands like most of the others on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is wrought iron good for a bird cage?

A: Wrought iron is a type of metal that can be used for many different purposes. It is not recommended to use wrought iron in bird cages because the metal may rust and cause damage to the birds.

What type of materials should be avoided when choosing a bird cage?

A: Avoid using materials that are toxic to birds. This includes anything with lead, arsenic, and mercury in it.

Where are Prevue bird cages made?

A: The Prevue bird cages are made in China.

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