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Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kit Review

Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kits are the perfect way to provide a natural aquatic turtle environment. This kit includes two heat lamps and an attachment that allows you to shine light into your tank. The lights allow for healthy growth, since they simulate sunlight on land turtles enjoy basking in front of them. With this lighting system, it’s guaranteed that your turtle will live out its days happy and comfortable!

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Features of Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kit

1. Polished Aluminum Dome
2. Dual Ceramic Sockets for use with lamps up to 100 watts each socket
3. Deep Dome extends beyond the face of the lamp preventing the lamp from sticking out

1. Polished Aluminum Dome

This dome provides a bottomless source of light and heat for your aquatic turtle, providing natural basking spots at night. The polished aluminum also produces lots of heat in the water, so it’s ideal for turtles that like to bask during the daytime as well. The bulb is housed inside a translucent acrylic dome which prevents too much UVB from penetrating into your tank.

2. Dual Ceramic Sockets for use with lamps up to 100 watts each socket

Aquatic turtles need to be exposed to UV light in order for their vitamin D3 levels, which is made by the turtle’s skin and eyes, are healthy. The Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kit ensures that they get enough of this essential substance with its two ceramic sockets Рone at each end of the aquarium. This will keep them safe from unnecessary stress during winter months when it gets cold outside and there would otherwise not be enough heat lamps or ultraviolet lights around.

3. Deep Dome extends beyond the face of the lamp preventing the lamp from sticking out

This is a great kit that you can use to help your turtle find its way out of the water and enjoy all kinds of fun in it’s new home. The deep dome extends beyond the face so there will be no accidental touching, meaning less risk for claw injuries. It also has 3 UVB light tubes which allow turtles to digest their food better, reduce ammonia levels in the tank, and improve hatch rates.

Reviews & Ratings of Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kit

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kit, is a beautiful and well-made product from ZOO MED. It provides the perfect amount of warmth in your aquarium to create an ideal environment for aquatic turtles. The six lights are energy efficient yet powerful enough to keep even the largest tanks lit at all times. You can also use these lights anywhere you would like some extra light without worrying about any heat buildup or harsh rays that could harm your turtle’s delicate skin.
I found 17 customer reviews at time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.6 stars out of 5 on average
Customers have been incredibly satisfied with their purchase, with words such as “Love it!” and “It works beautifully” being used frequently by customers who purchased this item “”Perfect!” said one buyer; while another made sure to mention how much he loved his new lamps “”in place.”


A great product that is better quality than similar products, with a 3-year warranty. The UVB lighting system ensures the aquatic turtle has healthy skin and eyes while also providing proper heat lamps to help maintain their body temperature at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best UVB light for turtles?

A: The best UVB light for turtles is a fluorescent tube.

Should I leave the UVB light on at night for turtles?

A: This is a question that is difficult to answer. It depends on the turtle, as well as how long you plan to leave it on for. Turtles need UVB light in order to produce vitamin D3 and metabolize calcium, so leaving it on at night would be beneficial for your turtle. However, this also means that the light will be shining directly into your turtles eyes, which could cause eye damage or even blindness over time.

Do turtles need UVB and heat?

A: Turtles do not need UVB or heat.

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