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Zoo Med PowerSun UV Review

Buying a new light could be the next best thing to buying yourself an animal, but you want to make sure that your purchase is making money for you and not the pet store. Finding affordable lighting at home can be tricky, which makes it all too easy for people who are just getting started in their reptile hobby to get overwhelmed by what seems like a never-ending list of options. To help relieve some of this stress and pressure on budgeting so much cash when starting a new reptile habitat or terrarium, here’s my review of Zoo Med PowerSun UV lights – specifically designed as cost-effective alternatives for beginners looking to build up their collection through time and experience.

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Features of Zoo Med PowerSun UV

1. UVA, UVB and Heat
2. Mercury Vapor Bulb
3. 12 Volts Per Bulb

1. UVA, UVB and Heat

This Zoo Med PowerSun has a powerful UVB light, UVA and heat which will have your reptile or amphibian looking their best. It also comes with three interchangeable bulbs that each emit different frequencies of ultraviolet light so you can pick the one that’s right for what you need to do.

2. Mercury Vapor Bulb

The Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb uses mercury vapor to produce ultraviolet light. It is the only natural alternative to other types of bulbs that are toxic and emit harmful UVA rays, which may cause skin cancer in addition to a number of other health concerns.

3. 12 Volts Per Bulb

The Zoo Med PowerSun is a compact, portable and highly efficient fluorescent lamp designed specifically for the reptile owner. The UVB output of this particular lamp offers up to 12 hours of intense radiation per day, while its full spectrum light will help keep your reptiles healthy during their natural photoperiods. It’s also important that you provide adequate lighting so your wildlife won’t become stressed out or lethargic when they’re unable to find food in the dark. And with 3 different lamps included (10-watt white, 13-watt blue/white mix, 15-watt red), it’ll be easy to meet your specific needs whether you have just one species or many!

Reviews & Ratings of Zoo Med PowerSun UV

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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Zoo Med PowerSun Habitat Lighting is a great product that creates an artificial light source in your habitat. This will allow you to still see well but not introduce any additional risks into the animals’ environment.
The reviews on Amazon are positive overall, with one customer saying, “I love this! It’s so easy and it offers plenty of sunlight as long as I turn it off at night when they go to sleep.” Most customers say they like how good of a job this product does creating such natural looking lighting for their habitats, some even said it was better than the real thing because there were less “flickering”. However, there were also people who said that the motion sensor doesn’t work which can be problematic for many users depending on where their facilities are located or what other features come included with them. Overall though these don’t seem like enough complaints to warrant staying away from Zoo Med PowerSun UV products.,


The Zoo Med PowerSun UV has a powerful 10-watt light that lasts up to 30,000 hours in duration. It is also very affordable and comes with the company’s 90 day warranty

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